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Published May 24, 2017 | By Stephen C. Barton

meet.pngRecently I was interviewed by VoyageATL about Alchemy-Spetec. VoyageATL is a culture and news site that highlights the best Atlanta has to offer. Check out the excerpt below and then click the link at the bottom to read more.

Back in 2012, after three decades in the industry, Stephen Barton decided to start Alchemy Polymers. He wanted to focus specifically on injection resins for sealing leaks, stabilizing soil, and lifting/leveling concrete slabs. Armed with a clear vision for higher quality products and better tech support, he and his team made it a priority to provide customers with the powerful polymers and painless procedures they need to achieve the rapid results their projects demand. Due to this laser focus, they experienced tremendous growth in just a few short years. That success didn’t go unnoticed. This past spring Alchemy Polymers was approached by Resiplast US/Spetec to discuss a potential partnership.


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MixMaster Pro - The RELIABLE Slab Lifting Gun

Published May 22, 2017 | By Andy Powell

mixmaster-1.pngThink you can use a spray foam insulation gun for slab lifting? Well think again. If you've tried it, you know insulation guns become an expensive proposition with the constant need for replacement parts. They're also tedious to use, which can slow down production. And they often leak foam at the port when used for slab lifting. This is why we designed a gun specifically for the slab lifting industry. 

The MixMaster Pro slab lifting gun is built to last. It easily handles back pressure and has a leak proof port connection. It boasts an efficient design with minimal replacement parts. With an average cleaning time of 10 minutes, this gun is designed for ease of use. Spend less time repairing and cleaning your gun, and more time pumping foam!

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Purchasing A Polyurethane Slab Lifting Rig

Published May 19, 2017 | By Andy Powell

Polyurethane Slab Lifting Rig (2).pngIn this blog post, we’ll take a look at the basic costs of buying a polyurethane slab lifting rig and the packages that we offer. These configurations usually fit the bill for many of our interested customers. However, we also have the ability to put together a custom rig package for you.


Slab lifting trailer rigs usually start in the upper 40K range and go up from there. We have many configurations but have found that three different packages generally cover the needs of most contractors. Each rig is packed with unmatched quality and a plethora of features. These include but are not limited to; insulated walls and ceilings, AC/Heat, diamond plated floors, breaker panels, ramp doors, and a work bench.

Entry-Level Rig

This rig features an air powered PA-25 proportioner. Don't get me wrong, entry level is not the best choice of words because this setup is also good for residential and commercial projects. It's in a 16' v-nose trailer and has a gas powered air compressor and generator. We have many contractors with this set up doing everything from residential to D.O.T work.

Mid-Level Rig

This rig can either be a 18' or 20' trailer that happens to be built around the best selling PH-25 proportioner. This setup is made for the contractor who wants stellar result in an affordable range that features a hydraulically powered proportioner. This is also the best selling machine package, it boasts a 22 KW diesel powered generator and electric air compressor.

Advanced Level Rig

This rig is similar to the mid-level rig with larger PH-25 and PH-40 proportioners. These rigs come in 20' and larger trailers and are powered by 35 KW Stateline Diesel (John Deere) generator sets and also include electric air compressors. This setup is suitable for huge insulations jobs or larger buildings.

Optional Hands-On Quality Training

The best way to get “real world” scenario training is for one of our guys to come out to locations where you have potential jobs and train on site. This is a fool proof way to learn your new equipment and get paid while doing it. This is a good way to learn useful evaluation and estimating skills for the next job ahead.

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Currently Seeking Independent Manufacturing Representative

Published May 17, 2017 | By Stephen C. Barton

6.pngManufacturing Representative (Metro DC Area, Virginia, Maryland)

Will You Be The Next Representative For Alchemy-Spetec?

Alchemy-Spetec is actively seeking a talented experienced remote Manufacturing Rep to join our high growth team. The Manufacturing Rep territory is centered around the Metro DC area, Virginia and Maryland area.

We are looking for a rep with experience in the waterproofing industry and the ability to find contractors and develop them to use our products.

This rep will travel in the three states mentioned calling on municipalities, specifying engineers, architects, geotechnical engineers, soil contractors, grouting contractors and waterproofing contractors that may have interest in our products.

The Alchemy-Spetec brand is a great product line for a rep who is already selling waterproofing products.

Apply online by following this link:  Alchemy-Spetec Manufacturing Representative Application

Please note, this is an independent contractor position; the selected candidate will not be an employee of Alchemy-Spetec.

Alchemy-Spetec is an equal opportunity employer.

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New Alchemy-Spetec Catalog Available

Published May 15, 2017 | By Kreg Thornley

Untitled.pngHave you seen the new Alchemy-Spetec catalog?

Download it now for details on the following products and more...

Featuring a complete product line from recently merged companies Alchemy Polymers and Resiplast US, the new Alchemy-Spetec catalog is an indispensable comprehensive resource for anyone interested in sealing leaks, stabilizing soil and/or lifting slabs.

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In Memory of Jimmie Kays

Published May 12, 2017 | By Andy Powell

unnamed.pngLast week we lost one of our own. Jimmie Kays of Vidor Texas and Marsh Waterproofing left us suddenly, and much too early.  A big guy with a heart as big as the state of Texas he hails from.

I received word on Saturday night and it just didn’t seem possible.  Tuesday found me face to face with reality; having flown to Texas to be with our friends there.  We gathered at the small Baptist church in Vidor where Jimmie grew up and I listened to his closest friends and family tell stories about how he had touched them.   He was known for his great sense of humor, his habit of greeting everyone with a smile, and his willingness to sacrifice anything to help others.  We need more like him and I wish I had the chance to get to know him a little better.

The rain was pouring down on Wednesday morning, but that did not deter a standing room only crowd from gathering to honor Jimmie, pay their respects, and be there to support his loved ones.  The mile long procession of cars to his graveside, in such a small town, was a testament to how much he was loved and how badly he will be missed.  With his Dallas Cowboys hat and jersey on, and a Harley Davidson logo on his casket, Jimmie took his last ride, where he will now join a lot of other great Texans.

Sometimes reality slaps us in the face and reminds us that there are bigger things than making that next appointment, getting a project, or making a sale.  If you knew Jimmie, his family, or the folks at Marsh, keep them in your thoughts as they come to grips with this.  If you didn’t know him, make a point to appreciate everyone around you, and offer a smile or a friendly word…that’s what Jimmie would do.    

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Proper Polyurethane Disposal

Published May 10, 2017 | By Stephen C. Barton

In this post I will share information resources for proper disposal and recycling of Alchemy-Spetec products and containers.


Disposal and Recycling Guidelines

The American Chemistry Council provides plenty of information on polyurethane disposal and recycling.  Here are a few links for your review...

Finding a Container Recycler

To find a recycling service that serves your area, simply do an internet search for "steel drum recycling", "IBC tote recycling" or "plastic pail recycling".  Be sure to inform them that your containers used to contain polyurethane.

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Published May 08, 2017 | By Diamond Purvis

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Case Study: Sink Hole Repair

Published May 05, 2017 | By Anthony Sandone

sink hole repair.pngAs mentioned in the previous blog post, Kiawah Island is located in Charleston, South Carolina. Due to the makeup of this area, water flows abundantly in every area naturally. In this post I'll discuss a sinkhole that appeared on one of the island's bike trails. This was caused by the soil eroding away under an asphalt sidewalk. This particular bike trail rested on and around a pond that contained fresh fish. The only acceptable route to fix this issue was to use Alchemy-Spetecs’ H100, which has been certified as safe for contact with drinking water. (Other products often used for soil stabilization are AP Soil 600 and H40.)

We advised the contractor to slowly open up the sinkhole by chipping away the bad asphalt and driving probes down to the ground while simultaneously pumping H100. The contractor pumped in H100 until the grout reached a suitable level at the top of the void. The next day after the grout cured, the path was squared off and repaved using sand and stone.

Within 24 hours start to finish, they were able to eliminate the void and get the trail back in shape for public use - without harming the ecosystem of the pond and fresh water fish.

Want more information on sink hole repair and soil stabilization products?

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Case Study: Storm Sewer Pipe Repair

Published May 03, 2017 | By Anthony Sandone

storm sewer pipe repair.pngKiawah Island, located in Charleston, South Carolina, is home to about 5 championship golf courses. On this island there are a lot of corrugated metal storm sewer pipes that carry water from place to place. Many of these underground storm sewer pipes began to leak due to decay caused by aging.

To start this repair, the contractor used inflatable dams to stop the water from going through the pipes.  We then advised them to drive 8 foot long grout probes into the ground along the outside of the 72 inch sewer pipes. These probes were used to penetrate the surrounding soil and start plugging the active leaks from the outside with Alchemy-Spetec H100. With the inflated dams in place diverting the water, they were also able to climb inside the sewer pipes. While inside they pumped H100 through to the other side of the pipe, out into the soil. Next, they used spin casting to seal off the inside of the pipes. Spin casting is a method in which a small machine with a hose on one end spins around in a circle shooting a coating material to seal the pipe off after grouting.

With a combination of probe grouting and spin casting, they were able to complete this storm sewer pipe repair and ensure leakage no longer occurred.

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