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Interview with Industry Veteran Kevin Earles

Polyurethane Seawall Repair Explained

Quantifying Chemical Grouting Effectiveness with The QP Factor

Thanks for Visiting Us at World of Concrete

Reporting from World of Concrete 2020

World of Concrete 2020 Begins

Consult with Infrastructure Repair Experts at World of Concrete 2020

The Injection Connection - An Infrastructure Repair Industry Podcast

Learn How to Clean a MixMaster Gun at World of Concrete 2020

Announcing QP Factor™ - A Leak Seal Quality Assurance System

Announcing Spring 2020 Infrastructure Repair Training

See a Live Slab Lifting Demo at World of Concrete 2020

Watch Educational Leak Seal Presentations at World of Concrete 2020

How to Avoid Using More Lifting Foam Than Estimated

Give the Gift of Safety

Alchemy-Spetec and Bayset Host Geotech Training in Australia

Official Initiation Into the World of Polyurethane Leak Seal Application

Alchemy-Spetec Welcomes New Regional Geotech Lead - Northeast, Tony Alfano

Repairing Concrete Loading Dock Slabs

Schedule a Personalized Meeting with Your Alchemy-Spetec Rep at World of Concrete

We're Thankful for the Repair Professionals Who Keep Our Infrastructure Safe

The PolyBadger Lifting System: Tough and Compact

Two Booths to Serve You Better at World of Concrete 2020

Repairing Dams with Polyurethane

Alchemy-Spetec Salutes America's Veterans

Automate Your Quote Prep, Customer Tracking, & Follow-Ups with Estimate Rocket

Alchemy-Spetec Welcomes New Midwest Regional Manager Erik Prinzing

Slab Lifting and Leak Sealing in Cold Weather

Reparing Dangerous Sunken Slabs in Warehouses and Factories

Eliminating Trip Hazards in Schools and Universities

The Polybadger Compact Slab Lifting System

Thanks to All 2019 Training Participants

The Big Bust - How I Ended Up Giving Product Demos at a Police Station

Filling Dangerous Voids Under Slabs

Seawall Repair on Waterfront Properties

Alchemy-Spetec Waterstop Solutions

Now Offering Animation Services for Customer Marketing Efforts

Alchemy-Spetec Fall 2019 Training SOLD OUT!

Sealing Leaks in Elevator Pits with Polyurethane

The MixMaster Concrete Leveling Gun: A Competitive Advantage

Alchemy-Spetec Customized Estimate Rocket Software for Your Slab Lifting Business

2019 Fall Training on Oct 9th & 10th - Register Before the Sep 25th Deadline!

How to Donate to Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts in the Bahamas

Attention Spray Foam Installers - Alchemy-Spetec Seeking Geotechnical Services Representative

Introducing AP Microfine 10

Showroom Floor Slab Repair

Loading Dock Slab Repair

Reminder - 2019 Fall Training on October 9th & 10th

The Best Pump for Joint Filling

Reminder - 2019 Fall Training on October 9th & 10th

In Memory of Thomas Perry

Charlie Lerman Promoted to Director of Technical Services – Leak Seal Division

Specifications for Permeation Grouting with Polyurethane

Reminder - 2019 Fall Training on October 9th & 10th

Alchemy-Spetec Structural Repair Products

Polyurethane Leak Sealing Explained

Jump Start Your Leak Seal Business with Alchemy-Spetec's Fall 2019 Training

Specifications for Polyurethane Injection Grouting with Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Materials

Jump Start Your New Concrete Leveling Business with Alchemy-Spetec's Fall 2019 Training

Outfitting a Spray Foam Rig for Slab Lifting

Alchemy-Spetec VP Jim Spiegel Completes Tier 1 of the ICRI Concrete Repair Technician Certification Program

Geotech Curriculum for 2019 Fall Training

Leak Seal Curriculum for 2019 Fall Training

Leak Mitigation of Dynamic Cracks in Concrete

ICRI Webinar - Specifying Concrete Repair

Top Seawall Sealing Blog Posts of the Year

Seawall Sealing with Polyurethane

Telltale Signs Your Seawall May Need Repairs

Using Oakum with Chemical Grout

Slab Lift Product Bundles Expire August 31st

Stabilizing a Pool Deck and Wall with Spetec PUR H200

Bigger, Better, Stronger - The Stainless Steel MixMaster Gun Block

3 Most Viewed Alchemy-Spetec Blog Posts This Month

Announcing Fall 2019 Infrastructure Repair Training

Spetec PUR HighFoamer Used in Pipe Repair

Geotech Accessories

Leak Seal Accessories

Alchemy-Spetec Customized Estimate Rocket Software for Your Slab Lifting Business

Spetec Gel Reinforcing Agent

AP Lube 190

Memorial Day

The Jack & Beam System

The Sidewinder Scuff Guard

Alchemy-Spetec Releases 4 New Products

Alchemy-Spetec Geotech Resources

Filling Abandoned Pipes with Spetec PUR H100

Alchemy-Spetec Hires Active National Guardsman as Western Sales Representative

Alchemy-Spetec Leak Seal Resources

US Department of the Interior Study Finds Spetec PUR F400 Effective in Sealing Contraction Joints

Use the High Pressure F-Valve Assembly For Twin Streaming

Working on Dams and Locks with Spetec Leak Seal Resins

Why Slab Lifting Contractors are Switching to Alchemy-Spetec

Essential Tips for Starting a Polyurethane Slab Lifting Business

Environmentally Safe Seawall Repair

How NOT to Repair a Tripping Hazard (Come On Man!)

Advantages of AP Lift 430 and AP Lift 475

Polyurethane Vs. Cement Grout in a Nutshell

Lifting Foam Density and Expansion

MixMaster Pro Slab Lifting Gun Means Less Hassle and More Production

Leak Seal Solutions for Municipalities

Paul "Captain Grout" Layman Presented with Lifetime Achievement Award

Spetec PUR GT500 - "That Stuff is Magic"

Stabilizing Slabs to Prevent Sinking Before It Starts

Repair Unlevel Warehouse Slabs with AP Lift 475

Alchemy-Spetec's Jim Spiegel will be Presenting at the ICRI National Convention

How to Promote Your Contracting Business with a Blog

Concrete Leveling to Prevent Trip Hazards & Litigation Risks - Part 2

Concrete Leveling to Prevent Trip Hazards & Litigation Risks - Part 1

Use Social Media to Promote Your Contracting Business

How to Develop a Contract for Your Concrete Leveling Jobs

Alchemy-Spetec Marketing Assistant Diamond Purvis Selected by Google to Attend Women Techmakers Summit

Alchemy-Spetec Seeks Midwest Regional Manager

Last Chance to Register for Next Week's Leak Seal and Geotech Training

Comprehensive Leak Seal AND Geotech Training at Alchemy-Spetec HQ

A Few Spots Left for 2019 Spring Training on March 14th & 15th

Contractor Safety Tips

Presentations and Group Discussions at 2019 Spring Training

Geotech Curriculum for 2019 Spring Training

Product Mixing Demos at 2019 Spring Training

Sunshine Supply Hosts Alchemy-Spetec Grout Lab in Anaheim

Sunshine Supply Hosts Alchemy-Spetec Grout Lab in San Diego

Leak Seal Curriculum for 2019 Spring Training

How to Seal a Persistent Footer Leak

Announcing Spring 2019 Infrastructure Repair Training

Using Soil Stabilization Products in Cold Weather

Polyurethane Leak Seal in Cold Weather

Slab Void Fill with Polyurethane Foam

Warehouse and Industrial Slab Repair With Polyurethane

Polyurethane Concrete Leveling Saves Harvest Season at Seed Plant

Concrete Leveling Polyjacking Product Saves Chinese Railway

Soil Stabilization Products Prevent Cave In Beneath Busy Intersection

Polyurethane Leak Seal Injection Stops Two Million Gallon Per Day Leak

Choosing the Right Slab Lifting Polyurethane for the Right Application

Remember to Schedule a Personalized Meeting with Your Alchemy-Spetec Rep at World of Concrete 2019

Tour a Fully Stocked Slab Lifting Rig at World of Concrete 2019

Learn About the Deep Lift Process

Mix Foam Samples at Our Live Mixing Station!

See Leak Seal and Curtain Grouting Displays

Learn How to Clean a MixMaster Gun at World of Concrete 2019

Visit Us At WOC 2019 with a Discount Registration Offer

Buy Slab Lifting Rigs and Equipment with Low Monthly Payments

See a Live Slab Lifting Demo at World of Concrete 2019

The Gift of Safety

Get an Alchemy-Spetec Pocket Knife

Slab Lifting in Cold Weather

Stopping Leaks with Spetec PUR GT500: Concrete Crack Injection with Polyurethane Resin

Learn About Preventative Waterproofing

Lifting Slabs with AP Lift Foam: Polyjacking is the Most Efficient Concrete Leveling Method

See the PolyBadger Compact Lifting System in Action

Common Slab Lifting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them!

Estimating Material for Slab Lifting Jobs

Slab Lifting Technique: Best Practices to Ensure Project Success

Schedule a Personalized Meeting with Your Alchemy-Spetec Rep at World of Concrete

How to Evaluate a Job Site for Slab Jacking

Essential Accessories Needed to Start Your Own Slab Lifting Business

Essential Gear for Starting Your Next Generation Slab Lifting Business

Marketing Your Slab Lifting Business

Selling the Customer: Why Polyurethane Slab Lifting Is the Better Choice

Navy Veteran Takes On The Chemical Grouting Industry

Slab Lifting Market Hot Zones

So You’re Thinking About Starting a Slab Lifting Company: Key Considerations

Independent Representative Spotlight : Jim Hunter

Independent Representative Spotlight : Tim Avery

Alchemy-Spetec Seeks Technical Services Representative

Polyurethane Grout Injection Prevents Stormwater Infiltration

Alchemy-Spetec NSF Certification Spells Peace of Mind for Stakeholders

The History of Concrete Slab Lifting: A Timeline Perspective

Two Products Will Stop Most Water Leaks

Announcing the Geotech and Leak Seal Product Catalogs

Announcing Spetec PUR GT500 and Spetec PUR H200

We Can Help You Find a Geotech Contractor

AP Fill 700 Saves Orange County 90%

Estimating Materials for Slab Jacking

Slab Jacking – Site Evaluation

Causes of Settlement – Opportunities for Slab Jacking

Slab Jacking vs. Replacing Concrete

Professionals from Around the World Attend Alchemy-Spetec's 2018 Contractor Training

5 Warning Signs a Structure May Need Slab Lifting or Stabilization

Sealing Leaks on Remote Job Sites – Part 3

Sealing Leaks on Remote Job Sites – Part 2

Sealing Leaks on Remote Job Sites – Part 1

Structural Failures Caused by Water Leaks in Concrete

Polyurethane Leak Seal Demo

The Causes of Unstable Soil: Decomposition

The Causes of Unstable Soil: Freezing and Thawing

The Causes of Unstable Soil: Poor Compaction

The Causes of Unstable Soil: Erosion

The Causes of Unstable Soil: A Brief Overview

Soil Grouting - Polyurethane vs. Water

How to Prevent Polyurethane from Staining Concrete

The History of Polyurethane and Chemical Grouting

Polyurethane Seawall Repair in Action!

Polyurethane Infrastructure Repair - Powerful, Painless, Rapid

Powerful Polymers, Painless Procedures and Rapid Results

The Deep Lift Process Explained

Why Call a Slab Lifting System The PolyBadger?

Signs a Seawall is in Need of Repair

An In-Depth Look at Polyurethane Seawall Repair - Part 2

An In-Depth Look at Polyurethane Seawall Repair - Part 1

Spetec PUR H100 Hotshot Cartridge

Building a Leak Seal Methodology Part 4 - Applying Products - Injecting Cracks & Joints

Building a Leak Seal Methodology Part 3 - Choosing Pumping Equipment

Building a Leak Seal Methodology Part 2 - Choosing Packers

Building a Leak Seal Methodology Part 1– Choosing Products

AS Choosing the Right AP Lift Product

Polyurethane Seawall Repair Restores Safety to Bridge

Leaking Seawalls: Soil Loss Prevention and Remediation

Polyurethane Foam for Seawall Repair - Technical Details

Stop Erosion Through Your Seawall with Polyurethane

Slab Lifting Contractor Tips: Prequalifying A Lead

Mechanical Packers Overview Part 5 - Ball-Valve Location

Mechanical Packers Overview Part 4 - Type

Alchemy-Spetec Shipping Notice

Mechanical Packers Overview Part 3 - Length

Mechanical Packers Overview Part 2 - Diameter

Mechanical Packers Overview Part 1 - Introduction

5 Reasons to Visit Alchemy-Spetec at NAT 2018

Polyurethane vs. Cement for Slab Jacking

Identifying Common Markets for Slab Jacking with Polyurethane

Concrete Slab Jacking With Polyurethane Foam – How Strong is Strong Enough?

Waterstop - The ITS and R-ITS Systems

WaterStop: Spetec WT400 Hydrophilic Caulk

Labor vs Product on Chemical Grout Jobs

Alchemy-Spetec Announces First Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award

Alchemy-Spetec Announces Charlie Lerman as Western Regional Sales Manager

Reinforce Your Seawalls for Hurricane Season

The Importance of Good Communication

Joint Sealant or Joint Filler

Re-Injectable Tube System (R-ITS) Ordering

Acrylic Gel Pump

Drill Pump

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Vertical Hostage: How Driver Shortages Could Disrupt The Building Products Industry Supply Chain

If You Sample Spetec PUR HighFoamer Now...

Where Do I Get Spetec PUR HighFoamer?

How Do I Mix Spetec PUR HighFoamer?

Where Do I Use Spetec PUR HighFoamer Injection Grout?

Spetec PUR H100 Hot Shot Cartridge

Manufacturer’s Representative Spotlight

Spetec AG200 for Crack Injection and Soil Stabilization

Conference Room – How?

Conference Room: Why?

5 Steps of Concrete Crack Injection – 5. Injecting the Resin

5 Steps of Concrete Crack Injection – 4. Flushing the Cracks

5 Steps of Concrete Crack Injection – 3. Installing the Ports

Alchemy-Spetec Seeks a Western Regional Sales Manager

5 Steps of Concrete Crack Injection – 2. Flushing the Holes

5 Steps of Concrete Crack Injection – 1. Drilling Holes (Continued)

5 Steps of Concrete Crack Injection - 1. Drilling Holes

5 Steps of Concrete Crack Injection - Overview

Seeking Feedback: Engineer Presentations

Trade Show Follow Ups

Spetec Re-Injectable Tube System

Spetec Pur F400 for Sealing Cracks

Last Day at No Dig - Visit Us at Booth 146

Sealing Manholes with Spetec PUR GT350

Visit Our Booth at the No-Dig Show!

Can I Use Hydroactive Grouts in Dry Conditions?

Chemical Grout as Waterproofing

Growing Your Chemical Grout Opportunities – The Overlooked Agricultural Market

Railroad Ballast Rock Repair & Stabilization

Sealing Leaks with Polyurethane

Cold Calling to Generate Concrete Repair Business

Spetec PUR H100 & Spetec PUR F400: Now Made in the USA

Conference Room : F=ma of Partnership Efforts

Conference Room:  Uncertainty Principle

Injection Project Checklist

Fix Leaking Wall Joints

Deep Lift - Process and Applications

What Mechanical Packers Does Alchemy-Spetec Offer?

What is a Mechanical Packer?

Conference Room: Pioneering Brands

Conference Room: Updating Your Personal Brand

Introducing the Deep Lift Process

The PolyBadger: Tough and Compact Slab Lifting System

Conference Room: World of Concrete Partners

Conference Room: World of Concrete People

Alchemy-Spetec Poly Estimating App Now Available

Polyurethane Soil Stabilization Explained

Thanks for Visiting Us at World of Concrete

Conference Room: Principle

Conference Room: Products

Conference Room: Partners

MixMaster Pro Series Part 4

MixMaster Pro Series Part 3

Conference Room: People 

Polyurethanes vs. Epoxies: To Drill or Not to Drill

Seeking Manufacturing Representative in Metro DC, VA, MD

MixMaster Pro Series Part 2

Polyurethanes vs. Epoxies

MixMaster Pro Series Part 1

Best of 2017 Blog Posts: Part 2

Best of 2017 Blog Posts: Part 1

Alchemy-Spetec Announces Jim Spiegel as V.P. of Sales and Business Development

Pipe Penetration Leaks

Parking Garage Leaks

Starting a Slab Lifting Business

Alchemy Spetec – Behind the Scenes

Grouting Elevator Pits

Tree Foam Injection

The Importance of NSF Approval

Why You May Want to Start a Blog for Your Concrete Repair Business

Coastal Soil Stabilization

Product of the Year: AP Lift 430

Choosing Between Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Grouts

Alchemy-Spetec: Waterstop, Crack Repair, Acrylates

Alchemy-Spetec Featured in Article on the Global Soil Conditioners Market

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

Case Study: Probe Grouting with AP Fill 700

Pressure Imbalance Troubleshooting Tips for Slab Lifters

Chemical Reaction - The Effects of Temperature

AP Fill 700 – Polyurethane for Pipe Repair

Schedule a Lunch and Learn with Alchemy-Spetec

Shows to Catch in Vegas During World of Concrete

Let Us Help You Get More Concrete Repair Jobs

Targeting Pipe Leaks with Point Grouting

Slab Lifting Questions You Can Expect from Your Customers

Sealing Leaks & Filling Voids in Concrete Infrastructure

Alchemy-Spetec Featured on

Distributor Profile Series: Indcon Inc.

Warehouse Slab Repair

Sunken Slabs and the Cost of Neglect

Save Money & Hassle by Re-Circulating Your A-Side Material

WT400 - For Sheet Piling and Other Applications

Repairing a Leaking Control Joint

Soil Stabilization for New Construction

Twin Streaming

Waterstop Essentials: Three Solutions

Alchemy-Spetec's Injection Tube System

Distributor Profile Series: Metro Sealant & Waterproofing Supply

Seawall Repair and Soil Stabilization in Florida

Infrastructure Leak Seal & Void Fill

Concrete Leveling - A Special Case

MixMaster Pro Tips

Sealing Leaks with Spetec F400 - Underneath the St Lawrence Seaway

Thoughts with Houston and Florida

Culvert Repair With AP 475

Curtain Wall Grouting

Residential Seawall Repair

Information is Power - Slab Lift Tools You Need to Know About

Floor and Wall Joint Leak Repairs with Polyurethane 

Concrete Leveling Time Lapse

Distracted Driving Laws

Slab Lifting Time Lapse

Polyurethane Slab Lifting Explained

Hydrophobic vs Hydrophilic: Polyurethanes

Best of Recent Leak Seal Posts

Best of Recent Soil Stabilization Posts

Best of Recent Slab Lifting Posts

Using Oakum on Leak Seal Jobs

Alchemy-Spetec Accessories

Alchemy-Spetec Equipment

Alchemy-Spetec Acrylate Grouts

Alchemy-Spetec Waterstop Products

Sheet Piling with Spetec WT400

Sealing Leaks in Elevator Pits

Waterproofing with SST500

The Alchemy-Spetec Injection Tube System

Epoxy Resins for Crack Repair

Alchemy-Spetec's NSF Certification Spells Environmental Protection

Stabilize Soil with H40

Northgate Link Extension with GT350

Waterproofing Residential Spaces

Spotlight: Business Tips for Contractors

Cut Off Water Leaks with GT 1100

APWA-Conference: Alchemy-Spetec Polyurethane Solutions

Structural Polyurethane Foams For Hurricane Season

Surface Sealing Cracks with Epicol T

Structural Bonding With Epicol INJ LV

Sealing Pipe Penetrations

How Leak Seal Products Help Spin Casters

Get to Know the Alchemy-Spetec Operations Manager

3 Advantages of Pursuing Industrial Seawall Projects

Case Study: Leak Seal Repair on Waterlogged Concrete Slab

Concrete Repair Equipment

How to Market Your Contracting Business - An Overview

Benefits of Buying Through Distribution

Finance Your Contracting Business

Alchemy-Spetec Featured on

MixMaster Pro - The RELIABLE Slab Lifting Gun

Purchasing A Polyurethane Slab Lifting Rig

Currently Seeking Independent Manufacturing Representative

New Alchemy-Spetec Catalog Available

In Memory of Jimmie Kays

Proper Polyurethane Disposal

Subscribe to Our Polyurethane Concrete Repair YouTube Channel

Case Study: Sink Hole Repair

Case Study: Storm Sewer Pipe Repair

Case Study: Waterproofing Warehouse Slabs

Case Study - Concrete Leak Seal Repair

Stabilizing a House with AP 475

Case Study: Leak Seal for Municipalities

Commercial and Industrial Slab Lifting

Concrete Leveling with AP 430, 440 and 475

Stop Gushing Leaks and Fill Voids with AP Fill 700

Soil Stabilization with AP Soil 600

Polyurethane Leak Seal Injection with AP Seal 500

Soil Stabilization with H40

Sealing Water Leaks with GT350

Curtain Wall Grouting with AG200

Sewer Grouting with AG100

Cutting Off High Flow Leaks with H100

Polyurethane Leak Seal injection with F1000

Polyurethane Leak Seal Injection with F400

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Crack Injection and Curtain Wall Grouting – Part 4

Crack Injection and Curtain Wall Grouting - Part 3

Crack Injection and Curtain Wall Grouting - Part 2

Crack Injection and Curtain Wall Grouting - Part 1

Polyurethane Slab Leveling Allows Omaha Warehouse to be Repurposed

Seeking Independent Manufacturing Representative

Help Wanted - Southeastern Regional Sales Manager (Florida)

Welcome Alchemy-Spetec Regional Managers

Transitioning to the Alchemy-Spetec Brand

Re-Engaging Past Customers

Contractor’s Guide to Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

The Contractor's Guide to Creating a LinkedIn Profile

Create a Powerful Presentation for Your Contracting Business

Infrastructure Leak Seal and Void Fill

Marketing Your Contracting Business at Home Shows

Repairing Water Filled Voids

Job Profile: Polyurethane Leak Seal for Manholes

The MixMaster Pro Slab Lifting Gun In Action

Alchemy Polymers & Resiplast US Join Forces to Bring You Alchemy-Spetec

Polyurethane Concrete Repair for Large Scale and International Projects-1

Equipment Financing for Contractors

The 3 Most Popular Alchemy Polymers Blog Posts

Warmest Wishes from Alchemy Polymers!

AP Fill 700 Sample Demo

AP Soil 600 Sample Demo

AP Seal 500 Sample Demo

AP Lift 475 Sample Demo

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How to Market Your Contracting Business with Referral Sites

Polyurethane Seawall Repair - Essential Blog Posts

Soil Stabilization Products - Essential Blog Posts

Polyurethane Leak Seal - Essential Blog Posts

Concrete Leveling with Polyurethane - Essential Blog Posts

Polyurethane Infrastructure Repair with Andy Powell