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Now Offering Animation Services for Customer Marketing Efforts

Posted by Kreg Thornley on Oct 1, 2019 2:54:47 PM

Now Offering Animation Services for Customer Marketing Efforts

Now Offering Animation Services for Customer Marketing EffortsThe Custom Animation Process

Attention Alchemy-Spetec customers!  While we still offer you the use of our Leak Seal, Soil Stabilization, Slab Lift and Deep Lift animations, we are now also offering custom animation services in order to assist you with your marketing efforts.  Work with us to create a new and original animation in a similar style to those linked above, but specifically created for YOUR company.  For the sake of clarity, here's a thorough explanation of the process...

Part 1 - Get a Price Quote

  1. We will send you a questionnaire about the services you want to advertise.
  2. Our animation team will review your answers to come up with a visual concept and estimated running time.
  3. We'll then schedule a strategy call with you to work out the remaining details.
  4. After the call, we'll create a price quote for you.
  5. You would pay 50% down with 50% due prior to delivery of final video.

Part 2 - Approve Each Stage of the Production

Our Production Process is carefully designed and well defined to deliver a high-quality animation.  Once we complete a step to your satisfaction, you give us written approval to move to the next step. This will maximize quality and complete your video within the agreed budget.


A professional writer produces a script for feedback, and revisions are made until you approve final version of the script.


  1. Our animation team will use the approved script and visual concept to produce a scene-by-scene black and white storyboard. We will review with you and make revisions until you are satisfied.
  2. After storyboard approval, we will provide color illustrations for final approval.
  3. We record your script with professional voiceover talent. You can make up to two minor revisions of the voiceover track.

It is critically important to understand and agree that all major revisions must be made before animation begins in order to avoid additional charges.


  1. Our team creates the animation using your approved storyboard and voiceover.
  2. Only minimal changes are allowed at this stage (and only if absolutely necessary).
  3. We deliver a preview and can provide up to 3 revisions of the following:
    • Adjust where animation action isn’t matched to the voiceover
    • Adjust animation effects and timing
    • Sound revisions to audio quality, volume, sound effects
  4. Any revisions to the actual animation or voiceover at this point will incur additional costs. We will estimate these costs based on the amount of content that needs to be changed.

Project Timeline:

Developing and creating a professionally produced video takes time. Plan on eight to twelve weeks from our questionnaire phase to delivery. Of course, staying on schedule depends timely feedback from you. It’s critical that all decision makers agree and provide written authorization at every stage.

Please Note:

Animations will feature this “Powered by Alchemy-Spetec” logo.
Powered-By-Alchemy-Spetec - Web Resolution

How to Get Started

If you already have an account with Alchemy-Spetec or one of our distributors, the next step is to click the button below and sign up for a brief phone consultation. We’ll provide more info on pricing rates and answer any other questions you have. (If you have not already signed a Marketing Materials Agreement, please be prepared to discuss that as well.)

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