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Waterstop Essentials: Three Solutions

Posted by Anthony Sandone on Sep 29, 2017 11:30:00 AM

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A few things have changed since I posted the previous version of this article. So I've updated it to reflect our current waterstop product line. While similar in function, there is a difference between leak seal products and waterstop products. Waterstop products are designed to prevent water leaks from occurring, while leak seal products are designed to repair existing leaks.  

Here's an overview of Alchemy-Spetec waterstop products:

Spetec WT400

Waterstop-blog (6).pngThis is a caulk designed to swell and/or expand in the presence of water.  It is safe for marine environments and can be applied under water. Spetec WT400 is used to seal pipe penetrations, wall joints, and sheet pile joints. It is available in two package sizes:

12 Sausage Case (20 oz)


Spetec ITS Kit

Waterstop-blog (5).pngThe Spetec ITS Kit is a complete injection tubing system for sealing of construction joints in concrete. It can also be used to seal cold joints, expansion joints, pipe penetrations, and tunnel segment joints. In addition, this kit can be used as a primary waterstop system. It includes four parts:

100 lf of injection tube. 20 lf of 3/8" reinforced PVC tube. 1/4" clips (100). 12 3/8" elbow hose barbs.


Waterstop-blog (4).pngSpetec SST500

This is a black hydrophilic synthetic waterproofing strip. Spetec SST500 swells up to 500% of its original size upon contact with water and is used to seal pipe penetrations as well as wall/floor joints. This product is available in two sizes:

20mm Width x 5mm Thickness (10 Meter Rolls)
20mm Width x 10mm Thickness (10 Meter Rolls)

For ultimate waterstop protection, call Alchemy-Spetec at 404-618-0438 for instructions on how to use all three of these products together.  

Want more information on waterstop products?

Download an Info-Packed Waterstop Brochure!

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