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Alchemy-Spetec Acrylate Grouts

Posted by Charlie Lerman on Jul 28, 2017 11:42:02 AM

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acrylate grouts-blog-1.pngAcrylates were introduced in the early 80s to the waterproofing industry as a less toxic alternative to acrylamide for repairing structures. Acrylamides are sold in powder form, while acrylates come ready for use in a liquid form.

Acrylate grouts are used to stabilize soil, seal leaks in concrete and brick walls, repair joints in sanitary sewer pipe laterals, and repair rock fissures. Due to their low viscosity ratings, these acrylates can be used in a variety of applications such as industrial, commercial, and municipal.

Here is a general overview of Alchemy-Spetec acrylate grouts:

Spetec AG100

  • Ideal for municipal applications.
  • Repair joints in sanitary sewer pipe laterals.
  • Curtain grouting and soil stabilization.
  • 20 cps mixed viscosity.

Spetec AG200

  • Consolidate soil and prevent erosion around floors, walls, etc.
  • Curtain grouting and soil stabilization.
  • Crack injection.
  • 40 cps mixed viscosity.

Want more information on acrylate grouts and other leak seal products?

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