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Crack Injection with Polyurethane Grout (Demo Video)

The Grout Geek Interviews Industry Legend Captain Grout!

Slab Lifting with a Standard Rig (Demo Video)

Lifting with the PolyBadger (Demo Video)

John Ziebell: Thoughts on Industry Consolidation

Crack Injection with the Spetec F400 INJECTR Series Cartridge (Demo Video)

Giving the Gift of Safety

John Ziebell: Common Mistakes in Chemical Grouting

Seawall Repair: Flowable Fill vs Polyurethane Resin

John Ziebell: Interesting Chemical Grouting Applications

Alchemy-Spetec Surface Cleaner

John Ziebell: Advice for Young Engineers

Alchemy-Spetec Hand Sanitizer

Leveling a Concrete Car Park Slab with Polyurethane

John Ziebell Reflects on 36 Years in the Industry

Take Advantage of the Section 179 Tax Break on Equipment Purchases While You Can

Charlie Lerman: The Importance of Exploratory Grouting

PolyShark Seawall Repair & Soil Stabilization Pump Skid

How Does Polyurethane Lifting Work?

Manage Customers and Projects with CRM Software

Charlie Lerman: Leak Seal Pump Systems

Field Service When YOU Need It

To Pre-Drill or Not to Pre-Drill?

Port Spacing and Location

Charlie Lerman: Who I’ve Learned the Most From in the Industry

How to Avoid Serious Hazards When Lifting Post-Tension Slabs

Sealing Leaks in Cold Weather

Lifting Slabs in Cold Weather

Charlie Lerman: Grouting as a Game

Maintaining the Compressed Air System in Your Rig

Turbo-Charge Your Geotech Business with a Premier Material Provider

Save Time & Money with INJECTR Series Cartridges

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer: An Essential Tool for Deep Lift® Jobs

How to Deal with Bound Slabs on a Concrete Leveling Job

Sealing Leaks in a Historic Brick Wall with Spetec AG200

Charlie Lerman Discusses the Chemical Grouting Industry

Alchemy-Spetec Welcomes New Inside Sales Manager David Park

Alchemy-Spetec Welcomes New Western Regional Manager Joel Bryant

Polyurethane Seawall Repair in Florida

Are You Tuning in to The Injection Connection?

Great Lakes Flooding Increases Demand for Seawall Repair

3M Scotch Guard 5600 Still Appears in Specs Despite Being Discontinued (Here's a Replacement)

AP Fill 700 Polyurethane Foam vs Cement Grout for Soil Stabilization

Matt and Travis from Lift It Rite on the Best Blade for Cutting Bound Slabs

Tips for New Slab Lifters from Matt & Travis of Lift It Rite

Why Are You Trippin'?

Polyurethane Foam - Less Downtime and Increased Bottom Line

Three Critical Warning Signs of Possible Seawall Failure

Hand Sanitizer Regulations Explained

INJECTR Series: Grout & Accelerator in an Easy to Use Single Cartridge

Common Causes of Seawall Failure

Colt Hullander Joins Alchemy-Spetec as Director of Technical Services - Geotech Division

Sealing Gushing Leaks in Precast Manholes with GT380 and Oakum Soakum

Sealing Precast Manhole Joint Infiltration with Spetec PUR GT380

Spetec PUR GT380: Shut Off Leaks in Structures Where Movement May Occur

Matt Chittick and Travis Germick of Lift It Rite

Alchemy-Spetec Welcomes New Operations Manager Richard Cunningham

Ann Thaxton on Advertising Strategy & Costs for Contractors

Ann Thaxton on the Importance of Lead Advertising for Contractors

Two Reasons You Should Avoid Ethanol-Based Sanitizers & Cleaners

Introducing the Jack Attack System

The Design of Coastal Revetments, Seawalls, and Bulkheads

Introducing Alchemy-Spetec Surface Cleaner

Are You Taking Advantage of the Free Alchemy-Spetec Estimating App?

Jack Whitworth on Working Together for Improved Education & Standards

Jack Whitworth on Benefits of Working in the Industry & Challenges of Finding Good Employees

Sealing Gushing Leaks with Oakum Soakum

Alchemy-Spetec Customized Estimate Rocket Software for Automating Quote Prep, Customer Tracking, & Follow-Up

Poly VS Mudjacking

Interview with Meric Selvi at Alchemy Inject

How Soil Destroys Buildings - A Video from Grady Hillhouse

Does Your Hand Sanitizer Kill Covid-19?

Polyurethane Crack and Curtain Grouting Demo

Hand Sanitizer in Convenient 2.1 Oz (63 ml) Bottles Coming Soon!

How to Add Slab Lifting Capability to a Spray Foam Rig

Ann Thaxton on Marketing for Slab Lifting & Foundation Repair

Interview with Jack Whitworth

Hand Sanitizer Online Pre-Ordering Now Available

Develop Your Competitive Edge

Alchemy-Spetec Receives FDA Approval to Manufacture Hand Sanitizer

Sales, Chess, and Your Mindset

Case Study - Sealing Hairline Concrete Cracks with Acrylic Injection Resin

Soil Stabilization in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia

Government Cheese (Learn How the CARES Act Can Benefit YOUR Business)

Case Study – Leveling Sunken Slabs in a Pole Barn

Polyurethane Leak Seal for Basement Walls

JR Crowell of Helms Polyfoam on the Importance of Engineer Outreach

Morgan Helms and JR Crowell on the Subject of Sales

Flattening the Curve and Keeping America Healthy

Interview with JR Crowell and Morgan Helms of Helms Polyfoam

Seawall Repair in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia

Adam Tracy on How Long It Takes to Develop Field Competency for Leak Seal Grouting

Adam Tracy on What Can Be Improved in the Chemical Grouting Industry

Deep Soil Stabilization with Polyurethane - A Case Study

Interview with Adam Tracy of A-1 Foundation Crack Repair

Interview with Industry Veteran Kevin Earles

Polyurethane Seawall Repair Explained

Quantifying Chemical Grouting Effectiveness with The QP Factor

Thanks for Visiting Us at World of Concrete

Reporting from World of Concrete 2020

World of Concrete 2020 Begins

Consult with Infrastructure Repair Experts at World of Concrete 2020

The Injection Connection - An Infrastructure Repair Industry Podcast

Learn How to Clean a MixMaster Gun at World of Concrete 2020

Announcing QP Factor™ - A Leak Seal Quality Assurance System

Announcing Spring 2020 Infrastructure Repair Training

See a Live Slab Lifting Demo at World of Concrete 2020

Watch Educational Leak Seal Presentations at World of Concrete 2020

How to Avoid Using More Lifting Foam Than Estimated

Give the Gift of Safety

Alchemy-Spetec and Bayset Host Geotech Training in Australia

Official Initiation Into the World of Polyurethane Leak Seal Application

Alchemy-Spetec Welcomes New Regional Geotech Lead - Northeast, Tony Alfano

Repairing Concrete Loading Dock Slabs

Schedule a Personalized Meeting with Your Alchemy-Spetec Rep at World of Concrete

We're Thankful for the Repair Professionals Who Keep Our Infrastructure Safe

The PolyBadger Lifting System: Tough and Compact

Two Booths to Serve You Better at World of Concrete 2020

Repairing Dams with Polyurethane

Alchemy-Spetec Salutes America's Veterans

Automate Your Quote Prep, Customer Tracking, & Follow-Ups with Estimate Rocket

Alchemy-Spetec Welcomes New Midwest Regional Manager Erik Prinzing

Slab Lifting and Leak Sealing in Cold Weather

Reparing Dangerous Sunken Slabs in Warehouses and Factories

Eliminating Trip Hazards in Schools and Universities

The Polybadger Compact Slab Lifting System

Thanks to All 2019 Training Participants

The Big Bust - How I Ended Up Giving Product Demos at a Police Station

Filling Dangerous Voids Under Slabs

Seawall Repair on Waterfront Properties

Alchemy-Spetec Waterstop Solutions

Now Offering Animation Services for Customer Marketing Efforts

Alchemy-Spetec Fall 2019 Training SOLD OUT!

Sealing Leaks in Elevator Pits with Polyurethane

The MixMaster Concrete Leveling Gun: A Competitive Advantage

Alchemy-Spetec Customized Estimate Rocket Software for Your Slab Lifting Business

2019 Fall Training on Oct 9th & 10th - Register Before the Sep 25th Deadline!

How to Donate to Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts in the Bahamas

Attention Spray Foam Installers - Alchemy-Spetec Seeking Geotechnical Services Representative

Introducing AP Microfine 10

Showroom Floor Slab Repair

Loading Dock Slab Repair

Reminder - 2019 Fall Training on October 9th & 10th

The Best Pump for Joint Filling

Reminder - 2019 Fall Training on October 9th & 10th

In Memory of Thomas Perry

Charlie Lerman Promoted to Director of Technical Services – Leak Seal Division

Specifications for Permeation Grouting with Polyurethane

Reminder - 2019 Fall Training on October 9th & 10th

Alchemy-Spetec Structural Repair Products

Polyurethane Leak Sealing Explained

Jump Start Your Leak Seal Business with Alchemy-Spetec's Fall 2019 Training

Specifications for Polyurethane Injection Grouting with Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Materials

Jump Start Your New Concrete Leveling Business with Alchemy-Spetec's Fall 2019 Training

Outfitting a Spray Foam Rig for Slab Lifting

Alchemy-Spetec VP Jim Spiegel Completes Tier 1 of the ICRI Concrete Repair Technician Certification Program

Geotech Curriculum for 2019 Fall Training

Leak Seal Curriculum for 2019 Fall Training

Leak Mitigation of Dynamic Cracks in Concrete

ICRI Webinar - Specifying Concrete Repair

Top Seawall Sealing Blog Posts of the Year

Seawall Sealing with Polyurethane

Telltale Signs Your Seawall May Need Repairs

Using Oakum with Chemical Grout

Slab Lift Product Bundles Expire August 31st

Stabilizing a Pool Deck and Wall with Spetec PUR H200

Bigger, Better, Stronger - The Stainless Steel MixMaster Gun Block

3 Most Viewed Alchemy-Spetec Blog Posts This Month

Announcing Fall 2019 Infrastructure Repair Training

Spetec PUR HighFoamer Used in Pipe Repair

Geotech Accessories

Leak Seal Accessories

Alchemy-Spetec Customized Estimate Rocket Software for Your Slab Lifting Business

Spetec Gel Reinforcing Agent

AP Lube 190

Memorial Day

The Jack & Beam System

The Sidewinder Scuff Guard

Alchemy-Spetec Releases 4 New Products

Alchemy-Spetec Geotech Resources

Filling Abandoned Pipes with Spetec PUR H100

Alchemy-Spetec Hires Active National Guardsman as Western Sales Representative

Alchemy-Spetec Leak Seal Resources

US Department of the Interior Study Finds Spetec PUR F400 Effective in Sealing Contraction Joints

Use the High Pressure F-Valve Assembly For Twin Streaming

Working on Dams and Locks with Spetec Leak Seal Resins

Why Slab Lifting Contractors are Switching to Alchemy-Spetec

Essential Tips for Starting a Polyurethane Slab Lifting Business

Environmentally Safe Seawall Repair

How NOT to Repair a Tripping Hazard (Come On Man!)

Advantages of AP Lift 430 and AP Lift 475

Polyurethane Vs. Cement Grout in a Nutshell

Lifting Foam Density and Expansion

MixMaster Pro Slab Lifting Gun Means Less Hassle and More Production

Leak Seal Solutions for Municipalities

Paul "Captain Grout" Layman Presented with Lifetime Achievement Award

Spetec PUR GT500 - "That Stuff is Magic"

Stabilizing Slabs to Prevent Sinking Before It Starts

Repair Unlevel Warehouse Slabs with AP Lift 475

Alchemy-Spetec's Jim Spiegel will be Presenting at the ICRI National Convention