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AP Fill 700 – Polyurethane for Pipe Repair

Posted by Andy Powell on Nov 6, 2017 2:17:13 PM

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How many times this year have we found ourselves saying "they need to try some 700"?  Too many to count.  Time and time again, the AP Fill 700 has stepped up to the plate when other products could not get the job done.  

culvert repair- social (2)-1.pngAP Fill 700 is a single component polyurethane injection resin that reacts when it comes into contact with water or moisture.  It can be premixed with a catalyst which will make the resin react as a foam to fill voids or shut off leaks.  It can also be injected without a catalyst as a pure permeation resin to stabilize soil.  

I thought it would be a good time to emphasize the versatility of this amazing polyurethane resin by highlighting one of its unique applications:

Void filling and water cutoff around buried culverts.  

Concrete pipes, boxes, and corrugated metal culverts are often used to help small creeks and streams transition underneath roadways and rail lines.  In times of heavy rain or just from years of the erosion process, water will find its way beneath the culverts and around the sides.  This causes undermining of the culvert and also erosion of the soils above.  Dips in rails and roadways can become evident as the undermining process occurs.  AP Fill 700 can fill these voids even in times of high water flow.  When mixed with AP Cat 107, the reaction time is barely seconds.  

Several times this year, pipe relining contractors were struggling with these culverts, trying to stop high water flow and fill voids with products that were too slow.  They reached out to us for help and we recommended the 700 with a 10% Cat 107 to resin ratio.  The results speak for themselves as we have won over many converts with this product.  The additional benefits of it being NSF / ANSI 61 approved and phthalate free only add to the appeal.

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