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Are You Taking Advantage of the Free Alchemy-Spetec Estimating App?

Posted by Kreg Thornley on Jun 4, 2020 10:00:00 AM

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The new, updated Alchemy-Spetec poly estimating app makes it easy to estimate material amounts for slab lifting, void filling, floor repair, and now leak seal® crack injection jobs.

This app is a simple, fast, and reliable way to take the guesswork out of estimating Alchemy-Spetec materials while prepping for a job.

Download the App & Create an Account

Follow these steps to download and operate this app:

1. Download the app.
Search Alchemy-Spetec in your Apple App Store or Google Play Store to install the Poly Estimating App.



2. Create an account.
After installing the app, create an account by clicking "Sign Up" at the bottom and following the prompts.


Estimate Material

1. Tap the three lines in the top left corner to display the application options.



2. Select the application type for which you want to estimate material.


3. Choose between the Imperial or Metric measuring systems.


4. Input the requested info (in this case: crack width, concrete thickness, crack length), and press Enter.


5. View the results.


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