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Use Social Media to Promote Your Contracting Business

Posted by Diamond Purvis on Mar 18, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Use Social Media to Promote Your Contracting Business

Use Social Media to Promote Your Contracting Business

Many of you contractors in the polyurethane infrastructure repair business are already actively promoting your businesses on social media.  But, according to my observations, some of you are not using all of the main channels available.  In addition, a few of you are not on social media at all.  After noticing these gaps I’ve decided to write up a brief summary of each main social media outlet available to you.


Facebook has a feature that lets you create a company page to promote your business. It’s a great channel because it has the most social users of any social media channel. You can use this channel to post detailed updates about recent jobs and other company news, engage with users who comment on your posts, and even purchase paid advertising.  See Facebook’s Facebook Business page for more information.


Twitter is a little bit different; being that you are limited to a small amount of characters per post. Twitter can be more conversational in nature. You can tweet brief comments with photos from the job site, short links to your more detailed Facebook posts, etc.  Make sure you’re following industry media, so you can re-tweet relevant information that your customers may find helpful.  See Twitter’s Build Your Brand with Twitter for Business page for more information.  


Instagram is more of a photo-centric app.  It’s a great way to share photos from your jobs, etc.  You will not be allowed to include links in your photo description text, so make sure your company website is linked from your profile.  If there is more information on your website that relates to a particular post, just direct people to that website link in your profile.  You will also have to post via your cell phone, as Instagram doesn’t allow posting via a desktop PC.  See Instagram’s Instagram Business page for more information.


Pinterest can be used to create “boards” related to specific topics.  (Similar to folders on your computer.)  In these boards, you can share relevant links that you find on the internet or create yourself in the form of blog posts, web pages, etc.  For example, our Pinterest account has boards for each application category.  So when we post a new blog article on Soil Stabilization, we share it on our Soil Stabilization Pinterest board.  See this Pinterest for Business page for more information.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.  Use your phone or an inexpensive video camera to shoot videos of your crew in action on the job site, interviews with happy customers, etc.  Upload the videos to your YouTube account, and then share the YouTube links on your other social media platforms!  See this article 12 Tips for Using YouTube for Your Small Business for more info.


Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn isn’t only for job seekers and recruiters. LinkedIn can be an integral part of your business social media strategy. It has the tools to generate leads, increase brand awareness and even create partnerships. Like Facebook, there is no text limit, so you can post detailed updates about jobs, case studies, etc. 

Let’s take a look at a couple other ways to use LinkedIn.

Build Relationships through Connections

As a business owner you can connect with prospects, strategic partners, referral partners and other business owners. From there you may decide how to foster these connections and turn them into relationships that will in turn grow your business. 

LinkedIn Groups

Become a member in an industry LinkedIn group by searching keywords that are relevant to your industry. For example; if you work with polyurethanes you may want to join groups that have key words such as: chemical grouting, urethane, soil stabilization, trenchless technology, waterproofing, etc. 

See this article How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business for more information.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief overview of the most popular social media channels.  If you have further questions, read the linked resources I’ve included at the end of each section.  Feel free to call us with questions as well.

These channels are all great ways to market your business.  Make sure you post informative content that your customers will naturally want to read.  One simple sales pitch after another will bore your audience pretty quickly.  Keep it interesting to maximize user engagement and grow your following! 

For more insightful information be sure to follow us on these channels!

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Alchemy-Spetec Poly Estimating App Now Available

Posted by Diamond Purvis on Feb 5, 2018 10:31:23 AM
We have launched our new application!

Finally, a polyurethane estimating calculator for slab lifting and void fill jobs.

This app is a simple, fast, and reliable way to take the guesswork out of estimating Alchemy-Spetec polyurethane slab lifting and void filling materials while prepping for a job.

Follow these steps to download and operate this app:

1. Download App
Search Alchemy-Spetec in your Apple App Store or Google Play Store to install the Poly Estimating App.



2. Create an Account for the App
After installing the app, create an account by clicking "Sign Up" at the bottom and following the prompts.


3. Click the Slab Lifting Material Estimator or Void Filling Material Estimator button at the bottom.


4. Select Your Product: 430, 440 or 475
Watch for the expansion rate to appear at the bottom once you've selected the product.


5. Input Data
Enter the square footage of the slab and number of inches the slab has settled, then press enter.

application6-1.png6. End Result
The final screen displays the amount of resin needed for your specific job. You will see options for slabs in which 1 side is settled, 2 sides are settled, and all sides are settled. 


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Alchemy-Spetec Featured in Article on the Global Soil Conditioners Market

Posted by Diamond Purvis on Nov 17, 2017 2:15:34 PM

soil-banner (2).png

soil-blog-1.pngPart of my job is keeping an eye out for Alchemy-Spetec mentions on the web. The other day I found this article on the global soil conditioners market, featuring our company alongside industry leaders such as BASF, Dow Chemical and Eastman Chemical.  The article was published on Here's an excerpt...

Global Soil Conditioners market, which stood at around USD4.90 billion in 2016 is projected to witness healthy growth at a CAGR of 8.16% to reach USD7.83 billion through 2026. The growth in the global soil conditioners market can be attributed to the broad array of applications in the agriculture as well as industrial sectors. 

Global Soil Conditioners market is controlled by these major players, namely– BASF SE (Germany), The Dow Chemical Company (US), Akzo Nobel N.V. (Netherlands), Evonik Industries AG (Germany), Solvay S.A. (Belgium), Croda International Plc (UK), Clariant International AG (Switzerland), Lambent Corp. (US), Adeka Corporation (Japan), Eastman Chemical Company (US), Syngenta AG (Switzerland), Novozymes A/S (Denmark), Vantage Specialty Chemicals, Inc. (US), Alchemy-Spetec (US) and Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd. (Israel) among others.  Read more...

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Subscribe to Our Polyurethane Concrete Repair YouTube Channel

Posted by Diamond Purvis on May 8, 2017 11:30:00 AM

Connect.pngDo you follow us on YouTube yet? We work hard to make sure our content is relevant and helpful to your bottom line.

Here are two reasons you should subscribe right now:

Sharpen Your Polyurethane Concrete Repair Knowledge

  • Watch slabs being lifted, seawalls being repaired and leaks being sealed.
  • See experienced technicians demonstrate best practices.

Learn More About Alchemy-Spetec Products

  • Watch informative sample demos.
  • See the products in action under a variety of conditions.

If you are interested in Alchemy-Spetec products and procedures, following us on YouTube is a fantastic way to stay up to date!

Take a few seconds and subscribe to the YouTube channel today. You’ll be glad you did!

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Download the Info-Packed Leak Seal Product Catalog!

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Contractor’s Guide to Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

Posted by Diamond Purvis on Feb 20, 2017 11:30:00 AM

In the previous post, I discussed creating an effective personal LinkedIn profile for contractors. In this post, I'll discuss creating a contractor company page on LinkedIn. (Please note that you have to create a personal profile on LinkedIn before you create a company page)

LinkedIn company pages help to build brand awareness by promoting your business and services to customers and industry professionals.

Creating the Page

  1. While logged into your personal LinkedIn profile, move your pointer over Interests at the top of your home screen and select Companies
  2. Click Create in the Create a Company Page box on the right side of the screen.
  3. Enter your company's official name and your email address.
  4. Click Continue and then proceed to enter your company information.
    • This is the space to complete an overview and detailed description of your company. Mention key services and include a few points about what makes your company unique.
    • Be sure to keep your description concise and use words that your customers may search for.

Insert a Logo and Banner

A LinkedIn company page is essentially an extension of your brand. A banner and logo will bring your page to life. It also shows on employee profiles. (Be sure to have any employees add the company page on their personal profiles for greater reach.)

Next, you want to create an attention grabbing banner to feature a key message. Next, create an eye-catching background image and feature key messaging on your page.

Company Updates

Updates are basically what you share with your connections (similar to a "post" on Facebook).

Posting tailored content consistently is the most effective way to engage your target audience.

Your main objective is to engage rather than to simply advertise. Share thought leadership pieces, advice and helpful tips related to your contracting niche, etc. Include media such as videos, presentations, images, and even info graphics to keep things exciting. Your goal is to help your target audience instead of simply making sales pitches.

LinkedIn’s activity level is not the same as other more active social platforms. Don’t overload your followers’ feeds with constant updates. Stick to one post per day or three per week. The best times to post are early in the morning or late in the workday.

Showcase Pages

LinkedIn showcase pages are essentially an extension of your company page and can be used to highlight and differentiate services. This allows users to follow certain pages for specific topics or services of interest. More relevant content in their news feeds leads to higher engagement rates.

Promotion and Engagement

Your employees are your biggest advocates and also the best place to start building up your company page followers. Encourage your employees to create LinkedIn profiles and add the company. They will start receiving company updates to like, share and comment on, which in turn extends your reach.

Promote your company page by linking it to your emails, newsletters, and blogs. Add a button to your website to make it easy for visitors to click and follow. Send an email to existing contacts and encourage them to follow your company page. Use your other social channels to cross-promote your page such as FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Many contractors are not using company pages to their full extent. Unlike FaceBook, this channel isn’t crowded yet. LinkedIn company pages are slated to grow significantly, and if your target audience is there you must create and expand your company presence. Be sure you follow the Alchemy Polymers company page for regular updates! 

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The Contractor's Guide to Creating a LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Diamond Purvis on Feb 15, 2017 2:00:00 PM
As mentioned in the previous blog, Use Social Media to Promote Your Contracting Business, there are many ways to use social media to promote your business. Having your very own personal LinkedIn profile is one of them. Today we will guide you through the creation of a strong personal profile. (This is not to be confused with creating a LinkedIn company page. We'll cover that in our next blog post.)

Your LinkedIn profile is your personal branding page. LinkedIn can be an important part of your strategy for finding new contacts and customers in your industry. Often the first thing people see before they even click your profile is your name, photo and headline. Always use a professional quality photo. Do not skip the photo or you'll lose some credibility.



LinkedIn allots 120 characters for your headline. Do not just name your position. Add in what you offer, for example "President at ACME Foundations: Concrete Leveling and Soil Stabilization". 


In this space, LinkedIn allots 2,000 characters to summarize your work and accomplishments. This is key area in which LinkedIn looks for specific keywords to bring your profile into search results. This is the best place to use terms and information that potential customers may be looking for.

This is also the space to place media. This can include job photos, YouTube videos, blogs, and articles quoting you, presentations, and even a screenshot of a testimonial page.


Here you have the option of importing your resume. Do more than just that, take advantage of adding a media piece or two. Potential customers are more likely to look a little longer and that may lead to more business prospects.


If at all possible, try to get at least two recommendations from people influential in your industry or people who have hired you for jobs. Be sure to give them talking points that point out your strengths and character.


Endorsements are basically people attesting to the skills you have listed on your profile. List these skills with the most relevant at the top and the least relevant at the bottom. To build up those endorsements, you could endorse others and hope they endorse back (or email associates to specifically endorse you for a certain skill).


Build up as many LinkedIn connections as possible. This maximizes your profile visibility. Connect to all the people you know, such as friends, family, alumni, colleagues, customers and experts in your particular industry.

Contact Information

For this section, a simple email would suffice. That way, you are always within reach and there isn’t a chance that you are missing out on an important business opportunity.


A URL is a web address. You can customize your LinkedIn account address to contain your first and last name. If your name's already taken, you can add a middle initial or a number to the end, etc.


Similar to a Facebook "post" or a "tweet" on Twitter, updates are basically what you share with your connections. This is the one of the most important aspects of your LinkedIn profile. It is the perfect way to engage your contacts on a daily basis and stay visible. It is a way to update your status with industry news and new accomplishments.


With this guide you should be able to attract the audience you want and strategically use LinkedIn to your advantage. Last but not least, make sure you follow the Alchemy Polymers company page! Look out for the next blog post in which we'll guide you through creating a company page for your business. 

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Marketing Your Contracting Business at Home Shows

Posted by Diamond Purvis on Feb 6, 2017 11:30:00 AM

In previous blog posts we’ve discussed marketing your concrete repair business using referral sites, a blog, and social media. Each approach has its own set of benefits. This blog post will be focused on the advantages of marketing your contracting business at home shows.

Marketing Your Contractor Business at Home Shows.jpgHome shows are a fairly well known marketing method. But if you’re new to the industry, this is a subject worth reviewing. Home shows provide face to face contact with potential customers who are looking for home repair solutions. Many attendees at home shows are actually in the stages of remodeling, landscaping and decorating their homes. This could even be your chance to converse with other businesses and potentially form new contacts.

This face to face approach is valuable as customers are able to see product demonstrations up close, ask in depth questions and get to know you a little. Some shows offer additional promotional material specific to your business. This can include anything from listing your business on the show website, sending out direct newsletters, temporary custom websites, exhibit workshops, and news releases.

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How to Market Your Contracting Business with Referral Sites

Posted by Diamond Purvis on Nov 21, 2016 11:30:00 AM

How to Market Your Contracting Business with Referral SitesAs a Marketing Assistant at Alchemy-Spetec, I am constantly asked to come up with ideas for blog posts – especially from a marketing perspective. One subject I’ve noticed we haven’t covered yet is referral sites. As a contractor, I’m sure you’ve heard of sites such as HomeAdvisor, AngiesList and Thumbtack. If you’re new to the industry and haven’t heard of them, they’re basically sites that customers visit when they are looking for a contractor. You may have listed your business on some of them, or you may not have tried any of them yet. Either way, I hope you find this brief overview helpful. Some of these programs have been proven to work and are a great way to get reviews and word of mouth going about your contracting business. We’ll take a look at benefits, precautions and best practices for using referral sites.

Benefits of Using the Right Referral Site

Because you’re putting yourself in front of customers who are actively seeking your services, you can increase your marketing ROI compared to other methods such as cold calling, print advertising, etc. In addition, referred customers are typically less price sensitive than cold call prospects. Referral sites are also a great way to build your reputation by accumulating positive reviews from customers. Not to mention the fact that they can increase traffic to your website. As discussed in our blog post How to Promote Your Contracting Business with a Blog, increased web traffic sends positive signals to search engines and increases your SEO rankings.


Before you do business with a referral site, it’s always a good idea to check them out on the Better Business Bureau website. Search the business name and then go to their listing and find the complaints section. You may also want to Google their name, plus the word “reviews” to see what you come up with.  A cursory search of the three sites I’ve mentioned by name revealed a mixture of opinions among contractors. You’ll also want to figure out what platforms are relevant to your niche for branding and outreach purposes. So make to do your homework and thoroughly research any referral site you are considering.

Best Practices for Using a Referral Site

First impressions are very important, especially with new customers and definitely when it comes to reviews of your company. Make sure that your profile on the referral site clearly defines who you are marketing to and how they will benefit from the services that you are offered. Once you start getting customers through these sites, resist the temptation to immediately pester them for reviews. Sometimes it is better to give them time to evaluate the job done so they can give an accurate and much more valuable testimonial. Do not forget to thank a customer for their business and positive reviews. You may want to send personalized letters/emails/or even a phone call to those who have given you a positive review.


I hope this article has provided you with a deeper understanding on how to market your contracting business with referral sites. These platforms are essentially doing the dirty work for you while keeping valuable advertising dollars in your pocket. Implementing a referral program on the right site can exponentially increase your customer base.

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