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Case Study: Waterproofing Warehouse Slabs

Posted by Charlie Lerman on May 1, 2017 11:30:00 AM


In this case study, I will share a story about waterproofing warehouse slabs. There was a distribution center in North Carolina sitting on land that had a high water table. Eventually, the slabs in this 100,000 square foot building began to accumulate moisture.

There were offices next to the warehouse area. The moisture that was seeping through the concrete slabs was first noticed as the carpet in the office area began to get damp.

To combat this issue, we helped the contractor come up with a plan to inject polyurethane chemical grout through the slab floors to create a positive side waterproofing membrane underneath. That was completed by injecting Spetec PUR H100 underneath the slab using a diamond pattern. This technique is called curtain wall grouting. The contractor was able to waterproof the warehouse slabs while simultaneously keeping the moisture out of the building. 

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