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Coastal Soil Stabilization

Posted by Charlie Lerman on Nov 29, 2017 10:50:00 AM

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Winter is coming fast and it is already the time of year when winter storms are a possibility. High winds, heavy rain, high tidal changes and large waves have already begun in some of the coastal areas of the country. Winter weather plays havoc with our beaches and shorelines and our seawalls really take a beating.

coastal-blog (1).pngAlchemy-Spetec can help. We make soil stabilization resins that can stop erosion of unstable soils and sand. We can help stabilize the areas behind seawalls suffering from soil erosion and settling. AP Fill 700, AP Soil 600, Spetec PUR H40 and Spetec PUR H100 are just a few of the resins we have to address soil stabilization, erosion and water leak issues. We also have the AP Lift 430, AP Lift 440 and AP Lift 475 lifting resins to raise areas like concrete structures that have sink due to erosion.

Don’t wait for potential problems to become worse or serious. Let us offer you solutions with our powerful polymers and painless procedures that will give you rapid results. A lasting repair and peace of mind for your soil stabilization problems are only part of what we do.

At Alchemy-Spetec, we’ve got your back!

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