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Coating Failure Caused by Moisture

Posted by Charlie Lerman on May 25, 2021 10:00:00 AM

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Moisture and Coating Failure

When you look into why coatings fail, moisture is always in the top five reasons. It's often the main reason in below-grade structures. Coatings can act as negative side waterproofing even if that was not their intended purpose. Water and time are powerful forces, look at the Grand Canyon.

Coating manufacturers have volumes written on the proper handling, mixing, and surface preparation for their coating. Sadly most just tell you moisture is a problem but do not say how to address it.

Addressing Leaks, Moisture, & Vapor Transfer

Contractors use Alchemy-Spetec grouts to address active leaks, intermittent leaks, and even moisture and vapor transfer through the substrate. Crack injection or curtain grouting with a polyurethane resin that forms a closed-cell foam will stop these moisture problems.
"But I am in the coatings industry, not a grouter". Coatings are typically more complex to handle and require more expensive/complicated equipment to install than polyurethane grout. If you are already applying coatings, then chemical grouting will be easy to add to your repertoire. This will save you time and money. You won't have to sub out the waterproofing portion of your job.
Alchemy-Spetec's industry-leading field service department is here to train you and help with all your grouting needs.

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