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Concrete Repair Equipment

Posted by Charlie Lerman on Jun 5, 2017 2:40:40 PM


In this post I'll provide an overview of the concrete repair equipment that we offer, including slab lifting pumps, crack injection pumps, air compressors and accessories.

Hydraulic Proportioners Customized for Lifting  

PMC plural component proportioners are used to inject AP two-component structural polyurethane foams for slab lifting and soil stabilization.  Rugged and dependable, these pumps utilize relays and circuit breakers instead of circuit boards, vastly increasing reliability and preventing maintenance problems.  Read more...

Airless Sprayers Customized for Crack Injection  

Modified for injecting Alchemy-Spetec leak seal and soil stabilization resins, the world-class Titan pumps we offer are essential tools for sealing both small and gushing leaks as well as filling voids behind and below structures.  Read more...

Air Compressors

The FS Curtis series of air compressors we offer are the go to choice for powering your PMC drum pumps and air powered proportioners.  Dedicated to their customers, this brand name is synonymous with legendary reliability.  Read more...

Custom Slab Lifting Gun

We also manufacture an injection gun designed specifically for slab lifting. It is custom built to handle back-pressure. For detailed information, read this blog post: MixMaster Pro- The Reliable Slab lifting Gun.


See the table below for an overview of additional acessories we offer...

Button Head Fittings

Designed for high volume flow of lubricant and provide a smooth working surface for easy coupler engagement & removal.

Flush Wand

Use this essential tool to flush concrete dust from the holes you have drilled for crack injection.


For injection of chemical grouts into stable or deteriorating concrete for a professional result.

Hammer In Ports

For injection of chemical grouts into new or stable concrete.      


Provides an airtight seal when paired with packers or hammer-in ports.


Seals cracks and slows down gushing water during leak repair. Oakum can be used alone or in combination with AP Seal 500.

High Pressure Crack Injection Valves

Control resin flow at the point of injection and turn an airless sprayer into an injection pump.


Want more detailed information on Alchemy-Spetec equipment?

Download the Info-Packed Geotech Product Catalog!

Download the Info-Packed Leak Seal Product Catalog!

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