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Control Gushing Leaks with Curtain Grouting

Posted by Charlie Lerman on Jul 15, 2021 10:00:00 AM

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Body - Control Gushing Leaks with Curtain GroutingWhat Causes Leaks in Concrete?

Imperfect Construction
Concrete construction is by no means a perfect science. New construction often requires Leak Seal treatment follow-up work. If the initial construction isn’t properly sealed at the time of construction, leaks are bound to appear sooner rather than later.

Weather and Wear
Concrete naturally decays over time. Exposure to extremely hot temperatures and extremely cold temperatures can take their toll over time. Even structures located in mild climates will begin to decay purely due to the aging process.

Unstable Soil
Unstable soil can undermine the integrity of concrete structures and cause cracks to appear. Loose soil has four main causes: soil erosion, poor compaction, freeze/thaw cycles, and biological decay. If soil is the main culprit, additional stabilization and slab lifting treatments may be required in order to prevent further cracks from appearing.

What is Curtain Grouting?

Curtain grouting is the process of injecting water-reactive resin behind the leaking wall in a grid pattern (from the negative side). The water on the other side mixes with the grout and cures to a solid mass covering the surface of the wall on the other side (positive side). In addition, you don’t have water pressure dislodging external “patches” over time, as can be the case with other methods.

Curtain grouting is often required when there are gushing leaks, multiple leaks in proximity, cracks cannot be identified, the walls are made of material that does not respond well to crack injection (such as masonry, stone, and CMU), or previous leak seal methods have failed.

The most well-known Alchemy-Spetec product for this application is Spetec PUR H100, a one-component, closed-cell, hydrophobic, water-reactive, solvent, and phthalate-free, low viscosity resin. If there are large voids involved, Spetec PUR HighFoamer (a similar product with a higher expansion rate) may be a more cost-effective option.

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