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Crack Injection with the Spetec F400 INJECTR Series Cartridge (Demo Video)

Posted by Charlie Lerman on Jan 5, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Banner - F400 INJECTR Series Crack Injection Demo

Body - F400 INJECTR Series Crack Injection DemoSpetec PUR F400 is a solvent and phthalate-free, water-reactive, hydrophobic, closed-cell, low viscosity, shrink-free, flexible, one-component polyurethane injection resin. It's ideal for sealing:

  • Concrete crack leaks
  • Pipe penetration leaks
  • Hairline cold joint leaks

Spetec PUR F400 is now available in convenient INJECTR Series cartridges, featuring the following benefits:

  • Grout and accelerator in one cartridge, compatible with a standard caulk gun
  • Same top-line product in a smaller package for smaller jobs
  • Quicker in and out - less labor
  • Faster set up
  • You don’t have to bring in a full crew and a pump
  • Use with standard caulk gun (no special guns needed)

Watch this video for a complete demo...

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