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Drill Pump

Posted by Jim Spiegel on May 21, 2018 2:08:16 PM

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Drill Pump - Blog-1The Alchemy-Spetec Drill Pump is a high pressure, single-component chemical injection pump suitable for low to mid viscosity chemical injection grouts. It’s most commonly used for the application of polyurethane injection grouts. The drill-mounted design offers a convenient and portable solution for chemical injection applications.

The Drill Pump offers an unmatched ease of access to the piston assembly and ball/springs through just a few allen screws. The small reservoir and direct-feed design allows for small batch mixing and eliminates excessive losses due to mixing and priming. The portable design (20lbs with drill) provides a unique and high pressure solution that can easily be carried onto swing stages, scaffolding or scissor lifts.

Click here to download the Drill Pump datasheet for more info.

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