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Environmentally Safe Seawall Repair

Posted by Charlie Lerman on Apr 22, 2019 1:46:57 PM

Environmentally Safe Seawall Repair

Environmentally Safe Seawall Repair In honor of Earth Day, today's blog post puts the spotlight on the environmentally safe aspects of the two Alchemy-Spetec products most commonly used for seawall repair:

AP Fill 700

Spetec PUR H200

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, Alchemy-Spetec NSF Certification Spells Peace of Mind for Stakeholders...

Alchemy-Spetec is already known for providing the most powerful polymers and painless procedures contractors need to achieve the rapid results their projects demand. However, on construction projects of almost any scope and size, ensuring the safety of public drinking water is also mission-critical. That's why these Alchemy-Spetec' polyurethane resin products have received the official NSF seal of approval for contact with drinking water. This single designation ensures compliance with the Safe Water Drinking Act (SDWA) and guarantees peace of mind for in-the-field stakeholders on construction projects of almost any scope and size.

Once cured, these resins are safe for contact with drinking water - which makes them safe for the environment in general.

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