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Filling Voids with One-Component Polyurethane

Posted by Colt Hullander on Jul 22, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Banner - Filling Voids with One-Component Polyurethane

Body - Filling Voids with One-Component PolyurethaneAlchemy-Spetec's AP Fill 700 and AP Fill 720 are one-component polyurethanes used for filling voids in supporting soil surrounding a structure.  Situations in which these materials might be used for void fill include soil adjacent to retaining walls, basement walls, seawalls, and infrastructure boxes.  

Benefits of One-Component Void Fill Foams

  • Their slow reaction time allows for the material to travel farther from the injection point, fill more voids, and permeate more soil before curing.
  • They're ideal for encapsulating underground debris (decaying organics, roots, buried construction waste).
  • On small jobs, they can be installed with a very small, portable pump that can be lifted and transported by hand. 

Differences Between AP Fill 700 and AP Fill 720

  • AP Fill 700 features very low viscosity, making it ideal for permeating fine soil with small voids.
  • AP Fill 720 is extremely rugged and durable when cured, while still retaining some flexibility. Its high expansion rate makes it ideal for filling larger voids.

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