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How Contractors Can Use CRM Software to Close Deals

Posted by David Park on Jul 7, 2022 10:00:00 AM

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Body - How Contractors Can Use CRM SoftwareLeveraging technology is essential for contractors to stay competitive and grow in the modern era. As the Inside Sales Manager for Alchemy-Spetec, I have the daunting task of maintaining our ever-increasing lead, customer, and project database. There is no room for hesitation in today’s competitive landscape, and we need easily accessible, precise information at a moment’s notice. Organizing your day-to-day tasks with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can give you a powerful, painless, and rapid advantage over the competition.

Centralize Data & Information

We all at some point have likely had to contend with endless emails, spreadsheets, and documents siloing or isolating important data and information about our leads and customers. With a CRM, you can integrate your data into one single source of information. You can use it to manage customer data and leads as they enter your pipeline through various channels and integrate them into a linear sales process.

Increase Productivity & Results

Enable your entire sales and marketing team to get more done. Leads can be tracked through a linear sales process with access to information displaying critical data points for whatever the user needs. Having a centralized database reduces your paperwork and helps you limit the headache of digging through old emails. With a clear view of your leads and customers to access at any time, you will be able to focus on execution instead of endless email chains and spreadsheets.

Clear Reporting and Greater Visibility

With CRM dashboards and reporting features, your team and management will be able to make key decisions to improve and scale the business. You'll be able to quickly identify inefficiencies and take swift action to address them. Real-time reporting allows you to quickly assess what is going on and how the health of the business is looking without having to rely on exporting and aggregating data on a spreadsheet over and over. I can’t stress enough the importance of being able to quickly and efficiently generate sales forecasts and analyze the profitability of your various service offerings.

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