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How Contractors Can Use Zapier to Automate Business Tasks

Posted by David Park on Jun 30, 2022 10:00:00 AM

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Body - How Contractors Can Use Zapier to Automate Business TasksIf you run a contracting business, you're probably handling hundreds of tasks on a daily basis with a limited and overworked team. Not only is it overwhelming, but key action items like lead follow-up or estimate requests fall through the cracks leading to more time wasted backtracking them later. Luckily, automation software like Zapier can execute many of your repetitive tasks and enable your business to become more efficient and organized. This advantage is crucial in order for your team to do what matters most and scale your business to the next level.

At Alchemy-Spetec, we leverage automation tools in every possible scenario to support our team to be more effective and efficient. We are excited to share some of the core features we have implemented that can be used to help your business grow as well. As always, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers so please feel free to contact me (David Park - Inside Sales Manager) at if you have any questions or need technical guidance on growing your business through automation.

Three Simple Ways Automation Can Scale Your Business

Your most valuable resource is not your product or your customer list, but the team of people who make your company a success. Your team’s most valuable resource is their time and attention, and tedious repetitive tasks have a habit of showing up in everyone’s daily routine. The software and digital tools we use to run our businesses come with data and information overload. We noticed at Alchemy-Spetec that simply aligning and keeping data updated between platforms was requiring a great deal of manual effort. Thanks to automation tools like Zapier, we have been able to implement three simple automation strategies.

1. Automate Data Entry

At Alchemy-Spetec, much of our data and information is stuck in a variety of fractured applications and online tools. We've used Zapier to link these applications and transfer data back and forth when a new lead or email arrives. If you find yourself manually entering lead or customer information over and over, it might be worth looking into an integration and automation tool. 

2. Automate Communication Internally

There are many different ways team members communicate, but it’s likely that email is still the most common means of communication in most organizations. If your email platform is Google-based, Zapier integration offers a variety of ways to utilize automation and tags to organize the clutter of your inbox. By implementing Google’s filtering system and Zapier automation, our team has been able to create multiple automation workflows that will perform repetitive tasks such as forwarding emails to another team member over and over. (If your email platform is not Google-based, Zapier may still offer automation options. Contact me for assistance if needed.) If you find yourself too busy organizing and forwarding internal communications, it might be worth looking into integration and automation tools like Zapier to do the work for you. 

3. Automate Communication Externally

Thanks to automation tools like Zapier, we have been able to configure many outward-facing emails to automatically send when a specific event occurs (such as a new lead being added to our database). Automation tools like Zapier enable us to automatically respond with customized response times and messages on a case-by-case basis. If you find yourself manually answering and replying to every lead, it might be worth looking into automation tools like Zapier to do the work for you.

Contact me (David Park - Inside Sales Manager) at if you think you have some tasks that can be automated. I'd be happy to assist you!

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