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How to Make Single-Component Samples

Posted by Colt Hullander on Mar 3, 2022 10:00:00 AM

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Body - How to Make Single-Component SamplesWe've created a video for a question we get asked a lot: "How do I make single-component samples?" A lot of people want samples, sales teams love samples, homeowners love them because it’s actually something they can put in their hands on. They can really help close a deal.

The two samples we're going to be making in this video are:

  • An AP Fill 700 permeated sand sample. You'll see the permeated sand at the bottom with the foam on top. People like these because they have a nice smooth finish on them, and they demonstrate both the permeation and foaming aspects of the material. They also demonstrate the strength of the material.
  • An AP Fill 720 foam sample. These are great for seawall guys, the infrastructure guys, whenever you want to show an HOA or a marina what the pure foam will actually look and feel like.

Watch the demo video now...

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