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Leak Seal Chemical Grout Installation Techniques (Guidance from the Grout Geek)

Posted by Charlie Lerman on Jan 6, 2022 10:00:00 AM

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Body - Leak Seal Chemical Grout Installation TechniquesOne of the most common questions I get about leak seal grout is along the lines of "Can I do this or that? Will it work?". I get this type of question regularly because every job is very unique and there is no one precise grouting procedure that fits everything. Let me introduce you to a term I love to use: exploratory grouting. This is the phase in which you are trying various methods until you find one that works for your particular application. While this just sounds like guesswork, it is very far from that.

So, I have come up with a short three-item list of the things you should not do while chemical grouting with urethanes:

  1. Do not eat the grout!
  2. Do not get the grout in your eyes!
  3. Do not add water to the grout before pumping it. (Actually, there are rare times you do this.)

If you do not break those three rules, your work falls under exploratory grouting. We have a standardized leak seal crack injection procedure that will maximize your result (in a laboratory setting). But concrete restoration does not happen in a laboratory. Start with the procedure, but understand that the procedure is written for the spirit of what we are trying to accomplish. It is not written in stone (as long as you're following the three rules I have listed above).

Pro tip: Number one, do not eat the grout, seems like a no-brainer but it exists because we had a call from someone saying, "My worker ate your grout". 

In summation, remedial waterproofing is often an explorative process and can require on-the-fly adjustments. Setting expectations, maintaining open communication with all involved parties, and attention to detail are essential to making the waterproofing process efficient and successful. Here at Alchemy-Spetec, we have a wealth of experience navigating all types of waterproofing projects. We look forward to assisting you with your specific needs.

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