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MixMaster Pro Slab Lifting Gun Means Less Hassle and More Production

Posted by Stephen C. Barton on Apr 10, 2019 5:10:52 PM

MixMaster Pro Slab Lifting Gun Means Less Hassle and More Production

MixMaster Pro Slab Lifting Gun Means Less Hassle and More ProductionA large part of the market is still using old sprayfoam insulation guns to do heavy concrete lifting work. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of using a gun that's custom designed for slab lifting...

The Problem with Sprayfoam Insulation Guns Adapted for Slab Lifting

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight! Sprayfoam insulation guns are made for the simple process of spraying foam at constant pressures. Slab lifting requires a gun that is designed to deal with changing pressures and back pressure without backing up or crossing over. Issues like leaky port connections, constant cleaning, and constant fumbling around with a clamp can drastically reduce production - adding a lot of man hours to each project. Not to mention long nights spent rebuilding and cleaning the gun after EVERY job. Did we mention that feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you have to call in yet another expensive replacement parts order? 

The Solution: A Gun Designed by Slab Lifting Experts for Slab Lifting Contractors

The MixMaster Pro was designed based on years of feedback from slab lifting contractors working in the field. Every known point of frustration and difficulty has been addressed in this sturdy, single-purpose gun. Further benefits include a lower cost of consumables (you can reuse ports with this gun), beefy check valves designed to handle the back pressure, and a short 10-minute breakdown/cleaning session at the end of each day. Not to mention the fact that this gun is a production BEAST - no leaky port connections, no fumbling with clamps. Watch your man hours on each project shrink accordingly. Did we mention you’ll have less replacement part orders? There are only a few inexpensive replacement parts on this gun - PERIOD.

Want to see side by side comparisons with other guns, additional key benefits, and more?

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