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Official Initiation Into the World of Polyurethane Leak Seal Application

Posted by Michael Binyaminov on Dec 12, 2019 5:33:30 PM

Official Initiation Into the World of Polyurethane Leak Seal Application

Official Initiation Into the World of Polyurethane Leak Seal ApplicationI just came off my first ever solo field service as a consultant for one of our contractor customers.  The story starts as all good ones do... 

I'm on a parking garage renovation project in Sacramento, California. It’s cold, it’s loud. This is my contractor's first time ever touching polyurethane injection resin.

I arrive with our regional distributor.  We have several pails of Spetec PUR H100 and Spetec PUR F400 (our rigid and flexible foams) in tow.  We begin the process of curatin wall grouting a part of the parking garage that will eventually be converted into an IT server room.

The injection process seemed to be going along just as planned, when suddenly...well...let's just say I’ll never forget the face of one of the crew as some injection resin shot out of the wall and 10 feet through the air!

The fun thing to take from this is that I very quickly remembered a crucial part of my safety training: I need to keep my arms covered. This is not a profession in which you want to walk around a job site with short sleeves. It turned out I had a very expensive wax treatment to go along with my field service!  Aside from this little mishap, the job went well and the customer was extremely happy due to the high-quality tech service provided.  (In addition to my extensive training, I have all the senior Alchemy-Spetec leak seal experts on speed dial).

I said during my Alchemy-Spetec job interview that some day I wanted to be like our Director of Technical Services - Leak Division, Charlie Lerman.  Well here I am, traveling, servicing, succeeding...and occasionallly scraping off the resin afterward.

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