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Parking Garage Leaks

Posted by Charlie Lerman on Dec 15, 2017 10:58:11 AM

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Parking Garage Leaks-blog.pngParking garage leaks can cause many issues for property managers when it comes to city code upkeep.  A major sign that a parking garage needs repair is evidence of water intrusion. The longer this evidence is ignored, the bigger the cost for the property owner in the long run.

One obvious sign of water intrusion is sudden ponding or free standing puddles on the concrete.  Another telltale sign is efflorescence on your walls and floor.  Efflorescence is the migration of salt to the surface of porous material where it forms a powdery white coating.  Efflorescence occurs when wall or floor cracks begin to leak water over a period of time.  If you see exposed rebar in a parking garage, it's a sign that water may be going through cracks, spalling the concrete and exposing the rebar.  Once this happens, the exposed rebar begins to rust and then has to be replaced soon after. Replacing rebar can be costly.

Alchemy-Spetec products are ideal for the Crack Injection or Curtain Wall Grouting procedures that are used to address these issues.  

Crack Injection Curtain Wall Grouting
Spetec PUR F400 Spetec PUR H100
AP Seal 500 AP Fill 700

When chemical grouts are injected into the floor or wall cracks, they provide a durable and lasting seal to prevent further leakage.  This can prevent concrete from spalling and exposing rebar, eliminate future puddles from forming and stop expansion joint leaks.

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