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Polyurethane Leak Seal with Spetec PUR GT350

Posted by Charlie Lerman on Mar 18, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Banner - Polyurethane Leak Seal with Spetec PUR GT350

Body - Polyurethane Leak Seal with Spetec PUR GT350What Makes Spetec PUR GT350 Unique?

Spetec PUR GT350 is a hydrophilic, one-component flexible polyurethane injection resin for sealing leaks in concrete.

Unique qualities include:

  • Extremely high wet/dry cycling resistance.
  • Hydrophilic grout that is still appropriate for above-grade crack injection.
  • Immediate in increase in viscosity upon contact with water, which is ideal for shutting down high-flow leaks.

This article features three previously published blog posts on the product.

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