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Polyurethane Seawall Repair in Florida

Posted by Andy Powell on Aug 27, 2020 10:00:00 AM

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Body - AS - Polyurethane Seawall Repair in FloridaWith 1,350 miles of coastline, Florida is home to countless seawalls.  If you're a property owner or manager in the Sunshine State, you have landed in the right place. Alchemy-Spetec provides environmentally safe seawall repair polyurethane materials to contractors covering all of Florida. (These seawall repair foams are NSF approved for contact with potable water.) If you have a seawall requiring evaluation, we'd be happy to refer you to an experienced contractor covering your area. Call us now at 404-618-0438.

If you're still in research mode, we have plenty of information for you on this website about polyurethane seawall repair. Visit the Seawall Repair Overview Page for a brief explanatory video, product info and a complete list of seawall repair blog articles at the bottom.

In a previous blog post, Polyurethane Seawall Repair Explained, we reviewed the benefits of repairing with polyurethane...

Why Use Polyurethane for Seawall Repair?

Non-Intrusive Application
Polyurethane can be injected through pipes directly into voids and loose sandy soil using small portable equipment.

Proven Solution
Seawall repair resins are used extensively seal cracks, voids and defects as well as for filling voids and stabilizing the soil.

Creates an Impermeable Mass
Polyurethane seals leaks along the wall, fills the voids that have occurred, and mixes with the soil to form a solid, impermeable mass.

What Are the Results of Polyurethane Seawall Repair?

Long Lasting Solution
Alchemy-Spetec seawall repair resins cure to a strength greater than crystalline bedrock. Combined with proper drainage, this method can greatly extend the life of your seawall.

Water Tight Seawall
The resin reacts with water or moisture in the soil and expands to fill voids while it permeates sandy soil to form a solid, strong, watertight mass.

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Property owners and managers in Florida can rest assured.  If you have seawall problems, we have you covered.  Contact us at 404-618-0438 for a referral to a contractor near you.  

Want more information on seawall repair with polyurethane?

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