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Polyurethane Solutions for Sealing Leaks

Posted by Charlie Lerman on Jul 27, 2021 10:00:00 AM

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Body - Polyurethane Solutions for Sealing LeaksSealing Leaks in Concrete with Polyurethane

Water is RELENTLESS. Leaks appear in all kinds of structures, from underground parking garages to municipal treatment tanks to elevator shafts. Everything from fine hairline crack leaks to gushers can threaten the long-term integrity of the structure and surrounding property. Fortunately, pressure injection of polyurethane grout into the crack or behind the leaking wall (depending on the application) creates a durable and rugged positive side repair. A relentless solution to a relentless problem.

A wide variety of leak seal solutions are available to address almost any type of concrete leak. (Call the Alchemy-Spetec technical support team at 404-618-0436 for assistance in choosing a product for your specific project.)

Polyurethane Leak Seal Solutions - Crack and Joint Injection

Crack and joint injection products are generally used for smaller non-gushing leaks:

Spetc PUR GT380
Activates as Foam or Gel Depending on Amount of Water Added
Ideal for Manhole Rehabilitation

Spetec PUR GT500
Most Dry-Cycle Resistant Hydrophilic Grout
Ideal for Cracks with Intermittent Leaking

Spetec PUR GT350
MDI Based Grout
For Wet Dynamic Cracks & Joints

Spetec PUR F400
Flexible Hydrophobic Grout
Ideal for Dynamic Cracks & Joints

Spetec AG200
Acrylic Injection Resin
Used in Special Situations (Contact Alchemy-Spetec Support for More Info)

Polyurethane Leak Seal Solutions - Curtain Grouting

Curtain grouting products are generally used for gushing leaks or multiple smaller leaks in proximity:

Spetec PUR H100
Ideal for Structures with Some Movement

Spetec PUR H200
2,050 psi Compressive Strength, Fastest Cure Time­­
Ideal for Soil Stabilization

Spetec PUR Highfoamer
50x Expansion
Cost Effective for Large Voids

Spetec Boom! Seal
Two-Component, High Expansion (35x), Hydro Insensitive
Used in Special Situations (Contact Alchemy-Spetec Support for More Info)

Want more information on polyurethane leak seal solutions?

Download the Info-Packed Leak Seal Product Catalog!  

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