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Showroom Floor Slab Repair

Posted by Michael Binyaminov on Aug 30, 2019 1:16:15 PM

Showroom Floor Slab Repair

Showroom Floor Slab Repair Concrete Leveling & Stabilization for Showroom Floors

Do you own or manage a business with concrete showroom floors? Auto dealers, large wholesale stores, convention centers and other businesses need strong and stable floor slabs to function properly. Unstable slabs can put merchandise, customers and even ownership at risk.  See our two-part blog series on trip hazards and litigation risks...
Concrete Leveling to Prevent Trip Hazards & Litigation Risks - Part 1
Concrete Leveling to Prevent Trip Hazards & Litigation Risks - Part 2

You should also understand the larger danger of complete slab collapse if the voids underneath your floor are large enough. See this stunning security cam footage from the National Corvette Museum for an example in action. Ownership was completely unaware of the large voids that eventually caused this showroom floor to collapse, taking all those Corvettes with it.

Concrete Leveling & Stabilization Contractors

Alchemy-Spetec can help you find a contractor to detect, level, and stabilize slabs at risk. Even if you aren't noticing any immediate problems, it may be worth getting your slabs tested for dangerous voids lurking beneath. Call us now at 404-618-0438 for help finding a contractor in your area!

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