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Stabilizing Sandy Soils with AP Soil 600

Posted by Colt Hullander on Jan 13, 2022 10:00:00 AM

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Body - Stabilizing Sandy Soils with AP Soil 600As one of the most impenetrable permeation grouting products on the market, AP Soil 600 is a single component, moisture activated, hydrophobic, low viscosity, polyurethane soil grout. This permeation grout is ideal for stabilizing loose sand and soil around all types of concrete structures, as well as for sinkhole remediation. This post will focus on the specific reasons why AP Soil 600 is your best option for stabilizing sandy soils.

Sandy soils erode easily with any kind of rain event. Once the erosion and soil migration starts, you may start to notice settlement occurring alongside the structure in a variety of ways. Poor compaction and erosion of sandy soils affect all types of commercial buildings, residential homes, driveways, roadways, and more. Typically you may find some kind of cracking or settling in structures as sandy soils begin to erode.

AP Soil 600 is a powerful chemical grout that permeates sandy soils to lock everything in place. Once the grout cures, the sandy soils turn into a solid mass. This grout is so strong that it is often used to solidify soil supporting buildings with large excavation pits right next to them. Grouts such as AP Soil 600 are the only option in some situations in which helical piers, push pile piers, or driven sheet piles cannot be used. AP Soil 600 is also installed in confined space situations where a non-invasive procedure is needed.

Installation is fairly straightforward. Typically injection tubing rods will be driven down to the depth required by the situation, with the rods spaced apart about every 18 inches. A small amount of catalyst is added to AP Soil 600 as it is slowly pumped into the sandy soils underneath. (The ideal pump system for this procedure is Alchemy-Spetec's PolyShark.) A gallon of product is slowly injected into the sandy soils for every foot of depth. Typically a small crew of two or three is all that is needed.

Once injected, the chemical grout will cure within 24 hours, solidifying the sandy soils and fortifying support for the structure's foundation. 

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