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Hand Sanitizer Regulations Explained

Posted by Jim Spiegel on Jul 23, 2020 10:00:00 AM

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Body-Hand Sanitizer Regulations ExplainedFor hand sanitizers, the CDC website recommends a >60% ethanol, or >70% isopropyl version in healthcare settings. However, the CDC is only one agency. Comparatively speaking, the FDA will adhere to their own claims as to what is acceptable in healthcare, food processing, home use etc. And within each of these segments, there will be different approvals for different uses. For instance, a poultry plant will require specific claims to the efficacy to kill salmonella. The resulting EPA claim registration will be different for the chemical used to clean a cleaver to butcher a chicken compared to a surface on which the chickens are stored. In addition to this, the same product may have registered claims to kill 99.9% salmonella in 60 seconds, while another producer had the same claim, for the same chemical, approved with a 90-second kill claim. These could be different products at the retail level. Also, EPA approval does not constitute FDA approval, and vice versa. It’s easy to see that agency regulations can be very confusing.

Further to this, a Covid-19 kill claim does not exist. At the moment, the EPA claim that best encapsulates this effectiveness is against ‘emerging viral pathogens.’ So, if you see Covid-19 on any label, it is not authorized, however, some (very few) producers may be approved to make off-label claims.

How Do You Know What is Compliant?

The FDA has honored the WHO recommendations which Alchemy-Spetec used to officially set up our Labeler Code, and resulting National Drug Code. Deviating from this formula is not authorized. Is it possible to supply 70% IPA grade to meet the ‘CDC Healthcare’ recommendation, but we would no longer be FDA-compliant and could not use our registered NDC number on the packaging. Simply put, if sanitizers do not have an NDC number on their product, then they are not FDA-compliant. If they make Covid kill claims on the label, they are not EPA compliant. To further complicate things, there are benzalkonium chloride-based sanitizers that are not alcohol at all, yet have EPA sanitizer claims, but may not meet CDC or FDA regulations.

Hand Sanitizer is FDA Controlled

The most recognizable brands are not immune to this confusion. A quick Google search on inaccurate coronavirus kill claims will provide ample detail on some of the consumer confusion caused when an FDA-regulated company makes EPA-regulated claims. The FDA does not have any list of sanitizers that kill coronavirus. Again, this is an EPA-regulated claim for ‘emerging viral pathogens’, and more commonly used in disinfectants.

What is the Best Hand Sanitizer Formula?

All consumers want the safest, most-stringent formula on the market. WHO / FDA released the approved formulas in direct-response to Covid-19 to provide the safest formula to ensure protection against emerging pathogens. While many sanitizer products are available in the market with various alcohol concentrations and active ingredients, Alchemy-Spetec strongly recommends seeking the WHO / FDA mandated level, which is 75% IPA, found in our sanitizer. What we can say is that our current version meets the FDA / WHO regulations (although more stringent), exceeds the CDC Healthcare requirements, is manufactured and packaged at an FDA approved establishment, and is accompanied by a registered National Drug Code ID. Products that are <75%IPA, or <80% ethanol version, do not meet FDA / WHO requirements. Benzalkonium chloride versions, do not meet CDC or FDA / WHO requirements. Coronavirus kill claims on label are not EPA compliant. In this period of scarcity, Alchemy-Spetec has chosen to adhere to the FDA-regulated formula to ensure the safest and best-performing sanitizer product to all consumers.

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Two Reasons You Should Avoid Ethanol-Based Sanitizers & Cleaners

Posted by Stephen C. Barton on Jun 18, 2020 10:00:00 AM

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Body-Avoid Ethanol Based Sanitizers and CleanersWhen shopping for alcohol-based hand sanitizers and alcohol-based surface cleaners, you should pay close attention to the type of alcohol listed in the ingredients.  Isopropyl alcohol offers a couple of key advantages over ethanol alcohol.   Let's review them...

Isopropyl is Gentler on Your Skin Than Ethanol

According to this article from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, "Ethanol use is associated with skin irritation or contact dermatitis...", among other concerns.

Ethanol Tends to Have a Harsher Smell

The harsh smell of ethanol intended for topical use is often caused by the "denaturing" treatment during the manufacturing process - in which harsh chemicals are added to make it un-drinkable.  Isopropyl, on the other hand, is not a drinkable alcohol in the first place.

Isopropyl is a Key Ingredient in Sanitizers & Cleaners

Due to the two concerns outlined above, we choose to manufacture Alchemy-Spetec hand sanitizer and surface cleaner with isopropyl alcohol because it's a healthier ingredient.  We don't cut corners with our industry-standard polyurethane concrete repair products - and we won't cut corners with the sanitizers either.  Rest assured.

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Does Your Hand Sanitizer Kill Covid-19?

Posted by Michael Binyaminov on May 7, 2020 10:38:13 AM

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Body-Does Your Hand Sanitizer Kill Covid 19

A lot of customers have recently been asking about the hand sanitizer that we sell vs. others they are finding on the market. It turns out that there can be a significant difference. For example, my parents bought a 16 oz bottle of ethyl-based hand sanitizer from the grocery store, and after reading through the label, we realized there was a critical differentiator between that version and the one we sell.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, hand sanitizers deemed most effective against COVID-19 pathogens contain 80% ethanol or 75% isopropyl by volume. The brand that my parents bought, as well as a few other popular offerings I researched, contained between 60-70% ethyl by volume. This formula, according to the CDC, is not as effective against the current outbreak.

On the other hand, our FDA-approved hand sanitizer contains 75% isopropyl by volume.  This hand sanitizer was formulated specifically according to the World Health Organization guidelines for killing COVID-19.

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Hand Sanitizer in Convenient 2.1 Oz (63 ml) Bottles Coming Soon!

Posted by Stephen C. Barton on Apr 30, 2020 10:00:00 AM
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Body-Hand Sanitizer in Convenient BottlesPocket-Sized Squeeze Bottles

As mentioned in a previous blog post on our quart and gallon size hand sanitizer offerings, we have secured stock to produce the isopropyl-based WHO-formula (Made in USA - Tucker, GA), and are fully registered with FDA as a manufacturer with a National Drug Code (NDC) of 74826-812. 

A 2.1 Oz (63 ml) Bottle Size Will Soon Be Available:

  • FDA Approved
  • WHO Formula
  • Ideal for Field Work
6 Week Lead Time
(Limited Quanities Available Sooner)
Private Labeling Available
Packaging Options:
Home Pack - Case of 10
Office Pack - Case of 100
Dealer Pack - Pallet: 72 cases of 100

Join the notification list for this new hand sanitizer option and you'll be the first to recieve pricing and availability details.

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Hand Sanitizer Online Pre-Ordering Now Available

Posted by Jim Spiegel on Apr 17, 2020 11:03:46 AM
Banner Hand Sanitizer Pre-Ordering Now Available
Body Hand Sanitizer Pre-Ordering Now Available
Please Note: This message is not intended as a sales tactic.  We are genuinely trying to educate the construction industry on the current state of hand sanitizer scarcity and to let them know that we are a source - as long as our current suppliers provide us with raw materials and packaging.
As all of you know, Hand Sanitizer is very scarce, and we're thrilled to offer our customers a source for it during these unprecedented times. We have secured stock to produce the isopropyl-based WHO-formula (Made in USA - Tucker, GA), and are fully registered with FDA as a manufacturer with a National Drug Code (NDC) of 74826-812. It is also important to note that this formula does not include gel thickening agents. It can be used with a small amount applied to the palm, or as a spray or wipe.  
We have our first production run tentatively available to ship on or before April 24th. Despite challenging market conditions, we have been able to secure raw materials and packaging for future supply as well, and as they are received, we will do our best to reflect market pricing changes in our pricing. For our limited first production run, we are streamlining the pricing as detailed below in an effort to supply all of you with solutions for not only your business interests, but for your family, friends, and neighbors. Our first objective is to supply each and every one of you with high quality and reliable sanitizer. Secondary to this, is to provide those who expressed distribution interest a few volume options as listed.  
We strongly encourage pre-orders through the link here as the stock is moving quickly. (Note that Ground / LTL freight to the lower 48 states is included in these prices. There are volume packaging options available in the drop down menu for 1-gallon cases.) 
Click Here to Buy Hand Sanitizer NOW
Available Sizes:
  • 1/2 Gallon Pack (2 Quarts)
  • 1 Case (4 Gallon Jugs)
  • 1 Pallet (256 Gallon Jugs)
  • 5 Pallets (1,280 Gallon Jugs)
Additional packaging options may become available, but we are focusing on 1/2 gallon and gallon volumes to allow us to ensure continued supply of packaging. As other options become available, we will update you all. If you have any questions about your order, please email  
Thank you all for your overwhelming interest in this product. And, as always, we appreciate your support in allowing us to continue offering products you need. Please stay safe and well through these difficult times, and we genuinely look forward to when we can thank all of you in person much sooner than later.  
Jim Spiegel
V.P. Sales & Business Development

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Alchemy-Spetec Receives FDA Approval to Manufacture Hand Sanitizer

Posted by Stephen C. Barton on Apr 13, 2020 5:40:51 PM

Banner-Hand Sanitizer

Body-Hand SanitizerPlease Note: This message is not intended as a sales tactic.  We are genuinely trying to educate the construction industry on the current state of hand sanitizer scarcity and to let them know that we are a source - as long as our current suppliers provide us with raw materials and packaging.

Alchemy-Spetec's FDA approved hand sanitizer will be available soon.  As you know, hand sanitizer helps reduce bacteria & viruses that potentially cause disease.  The risk of COVID-19 is still a factor.  As professionals in an essential industry, many of you are still out on jobsites, working at distribution centers, managing water treatment plants, etc.  Alchemy-Spetec Hand Sanitizer will be a critical accessory for all types of infrastructure repair work and beyond.

Advantages of Alchemy-Spetec Hand Sanitizer:

  • Easy on skin - no harsh chemicals.
  • Meets World Health Organization guidelines.
  • FDA approved. NDC 74826-812 Isopropyl Grade.
  • Sprayable for cleaning surfaces.

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