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Using Oakum with Chemical Grout

Posted by Jim Spiegel on Jun 24, 2019 5:34:28 PM

Using Oakum with Chemical Grout

Using Oakum with Chemical Grout

Using oakum with chemical grout is a way of sealing gushing leaks, as well as sealing the area (annular space) around pipes passing through concrete structures. When a pipe passes through a concrete structure and the annular space around the pipe is large, the saturated oakum technique can be used to seal off the water infiltration. Oakum saturated with grout can be used alone to seal off water flow. It can also be utilized to build a surface seal or “dam” behind which grout can be pumped. 


This is a two-person process.

  1. Clean the crack or space to be sealed of any loose debris and foreign material.
  2. Cut the oakum in various lengths to fit the perimeter requirements of the area to be sealed.
  3. Soak the oakum in the grout.
  4. One person will wring out the soaked oakum and hand it to the other person, who will...
  5. Dip the oakum into a pail of water to activate the grout and then place the activated oakum into the crack or space using a screw driver or a similar tool.

After the space has been packed with saturated oakum, you can inject grout behind the seal with an injection needle. 

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