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Void Fill to Save Retaining Wall at Luxury Residence

Posted by Stephen C. Barton on Feb 10, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Banner - Void Fill to Save Retaining Wall at Luxury Residence

Body - Void Fill to Save Retaining Wall at Luxury ResidenceA retaining wall at a Georgia-based luxury residence was failing due to the pressure of the surrounding soil. A general contractor excavated the site around the wall and planned to install lightweight foam blocks as a replacement for the heavy soil that was removed. After doing a little more research, the contractor discovered that, due to the cost of shipping the blocks, liquid polyurethane foam installation by a local specialized contractor was a lot less expensive. Liquid polyurethane foam takes the shape of the void before curing to form a high-strength solid mass.

Powerful Polymer

The contactor used AP Fill 420 to fill the void. AP Fill 420 is a two-component, high expansion, hydro-insensitive polyurethane foam. It’s the top slab solution for polyurethane void fill. AP Fill 420 weighs 1.8 to 2.2 pounds per cubic foot.

Painless Procedure

The contractor filled the entire void with AP Fill 420 foam. This material was faster to install, less expensive, and provided a more waterproof solution than the foam blocks.

Rapid Result

The entire void was filled with lightweight and extremely durable polyurethane foam. This material placed minimal pressure on the retaining wall, eliminating the danger of future damage. The property owner was extremely pleased with the results.

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