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Where Do I Use Spetec PUR HighFoamer Injection Grout?

Posted by Jim Spiegel on May 7, 2018 1:31:05 PM

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HighFoamer- BlogIf you’re in the chemical grouting industry, you have undoubtedly seen expanding polyurethane foams reacted in cups at tradeshows, trainings, and presentations.  When these water-activated polyurethanes come in contact with moisture, a polymerization reaction is initiated, which caused a large expansion of the cured polyurethane.  But not all foams are created equal. 

Spetec PUR HighFoamer polyurethane grout expands 40x the original liquid volume.  For high water flow scenarios, or large void filling, Spetec HighFoamer features industry-leading expansion rates which can be initiated in as little as 6 sec. with the addition of 10% accelerator.  This unique combination of reaction time and expansion can cut off even them most sever water infiltration issues seen on any construction site.  

The extreme high expansive nature of Spetec HighFoamer is a must see for all chemical grouting contractors performing the following work:

  • Water cut-off of large flow and high-pressure water leaks.
  • Stabilization and water cut-off of large cracks, voids and gravel layers.
  • Pre and post injections in mines, tunnels, pipe jacking, drill & blast and TBM applications.
  • Injections in combination with cement-based grout.
  • Crack and gravel layer injections in concrete structures.
  • Soil stabilization and anchors in porous geology.
  • Water cut-off of sewer water leaks and sewer stabilization.
  • Probe Grouting for below grade pipes.
  • Filling of voids.

The HighFoamer injection resin is suitable for all single component injection equipment including electric airless pumps, drill-operated pumps, and larger pneumatic piston pumps.  

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