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Why Slab Lifting Contractors are Switching to Alchemy-Spetec

Posted by Kreg Thornley on Apr 30, 2019 1:45:01 PM

Why Slab Lifting Contractors are Switching to Alchemy-Spetec

Why Slab Lifting Contractors are Switching to Alchemy-SpetecThe Never-Ending Story

Over the last few years I have heard different versions of this story over and over again. It is usually shared at our weekly company-wide meeting. "So and so switched from the competition because they couldn't get the technical support they needed. A contractor I am working with had too many call-backs on his jobs because the foam from their previous supplier wasn't holding up after installation. My new customer said the equipment they bought from Company X is unreliable and frustrating to use." The list goes on.

Investment Brings Profit

The one thing all these new Alchemy-Spetec customers tend to have in common is that they started out trying to cut corners on material and equipment costs. They initially tried buying from the low price leaders in the industry, only to discover the hard way that you get what you pay for. Finally motivated to pay for quality, they are now enjoying maximum efficiency on the job with reliable equipment and durable high-strength polyurethane foam. Many new customers also express appreciation for the continued tech support and marketing assistance they recieve from Alchemy-Spetec. It's a big contrast from the "thanks for the check, we'll see ya' later" approach that many manufacturers have. The irony in all this is that the added value of top quality foam, equipment, tech support and marketing assistance more than makes up for the price difference. These new customers are turbo-charging their business with a new level of efficiency and productivity. It's actually fun to watch and gratifying to hear the feedback.

If you're one of those reformed bargain seekers checking out our site because you initially "got what you paid for", call us today at 404-618-0438 and let's discuss turbo-charging YOUR business!

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