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Surface Sealing Cracks with Epicol T

Posted by Charlie Lerman on Jun 23, 2017 3:23:55 PM


What is Epicol T?


Epicol T is a putty with a simple mixing ratio that's primarily used for surface sealing cracks before the application of Epicol INJ for structural repair. Due to its malleability, it can be worked even after curing to fix mishaps. Its adhesive power is extremely high and once fully cured for a few hours it will become hard and impermeable. (Epicol T can also be applied underwater. It sticks to wood, stone, concrete and metal.)

What is the installation process for Epicol T?

Preparing the Application and Mixing

Make sure the surface is clean. Wear plastic gloves. Fill a bucket with water and wet the gloves.

Use equal quantities of Component A and Component B. Knead both components together until they become a homogeneous grey color. Keep the gloves wet while kneading. For better malleability: place both packets in warm water before mixing.


Apply the putty with a good amount of pressure. Extra pressure ensures better adhesion, even on a rough surface when it is not perfectly clean. The surface can be smoothed out with wet gloves.


Epicol T is cured after 12 hours. It is fully mechanically loadable after 4 days and chemically loadable after 7 days. The curing process can be sped up with warm air (maximum 158°F).

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