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Repairing Warehouse Slabs with Polyurethane

Posted by Kreg Thornley on Oct 19, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Banner - Repairing Warehouse Slabs with Polyurethane

Body - Repairing Warehouse Slabs with PolyurethaneThe warehouse slab/floor repair market can be a goldmine for contractors. Most major metro areas contain endless square miles of warehouse space. That's why we've posted a good number of warehouse floor and slab repair articles on this blog over the years. In this post, we'll introduce and link to the best Alchemy-Spetec warehouse slab repair articles.

Warehouse and Industrial Slab Repair With Polyurethane

One of the hidden dangers a warehouse or industrial property owner and their employees can face is an unstable or sunken slab with a large void underneath.  The last thing anyone wants is injury and/or a lawsuit resulting from an un-repaired trip hazard or worse - a complete slab collapse. The video in the Read More link below depicts a real-time example of a warehouse slab with cavernous voids below and heavy equipment resting on top.  Next, you'll see the slab repair process in action as the voids are filled and the slabs are restored to a safe, stable state with AP Lift foams that support between 7,200 - 14,000 pounds per square foot (depending on the product selected). Click to Watch the Video and Read More.

Repair Unlevel Warehouse Slabs with AP Lift 475

Voids beneath warehouse floors can be filled with AP Lift 475 foam. This product is great for slabs that rock and warehouse floors that have begun to sink. The video in the Read More link below shows an example of the product in action. Inside this warehouse, the floors have begun to rock and are unleveled - which can speed up the wear and tear on valuable equipment. With this powerful polymer and its painless application procedures, unlevel slabs can be repaired at a rapid pace. Take a look for yourself! Click to Watch the Video and Read More.

Repairing Dangerous Sunken Slabs in Warehouses and Factories

Safety is the number one priority for factory and warehouse managers across the country.  Emphasis is most often placed on training employees to wear the right personal protective equipment and observe safety procedures when operating machinery - and rightly so!  In addition, it's also important for management to consider the state of the concrete slab floors. Click to Read More.

Case Study: Waterproofing Warehouse Slabs

In this case study, Charlie "The Grout Geek" Lerman shares a story about waterproofing warehouse slabs. There was a distribution center in North Carolina sitting on land that had a high water table. Eventually, the slabs in this 100,000 square foot building began to accumulate moisture. There were offices next to the warehouse area. The moisture that was seeping through the concrete slabs was first noticed as the carpet in the office area began to get damp. Click to Read More.

Stabilizing Slabs in an Omaha Warehouse with the PolyBadger

Not too long ago, Alchemy-Spetec customer Sudbeck Construction was called in by the property owner because he had noticed four slabs that were shifting up and scraping against a wall when forklifts crossed them. The crew drilled a couple of preliminary holes in the slabs for diagnostic purposes and discovered voids underneath ranging from 12-18 inches in depth. The Sudbeck team injected 35 gallons of AP Lift 430 beneath the slabs to stabilize them. This high-strength polyurethane foam provides a solid, reliable, long-lasting base underneath the concrete to prevent future shifting or sinking. Click to Read More.

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